Gecko T-Shirt Sublimation Heat Press Machine Review

The Gecko T-Shirt Sublimation Heat Transfer Press Machine has a non-stick 15” x 15” heat platen that is built in and has heating coils to enable consistency all over its surface. This gecko heat press can apply all types of transfers like images, numbers, and words onto garments. The digital temperature and time control is unique and different from other heat presses in order to bring out accuracy, yet it remains simple.

The temperature can reach levels of 435° in an adjustable range of time from 0 to 999 seconds. This Gecko t-shirt heat press has a new lifting mechanism which requires little effort when opening and closing, thus allowing for smooth transitioning and accuracy during pressure alignment. The manual lift handle of the press is operable with the spring assist and the adjustable pressure button.

Gecko heat press machine Features

  • Has a 15” x 15” non-stick coated heat platen
  • A temperature range of 0° and 435° degrees under a time range of 0-999 seconds
  • It comes with a 16” x 16” inch non-stick sheet
  • Combined digital temperature and timer control gauge
  • Manual lift handle is operated with the adjustable pressure button
  • New lifting mechanism enabling little effort when opening and closing
  • Heat platen has heating coils hence allowing consistency all over its surface


  • A non-stick heat platen which has heating coils to allow for consistency over the surface.
  • Combined digital temperature and timer control which is unique in the market and brings out simplicity.
  • Newly developed lifting mechanism that requires little effort during operation.
  • Durable and built with industrial strength for long use and high performance.
  • Manual lift handle that can be operated by the spring assist knob.
  • It is versatile because it can be used with different transfer materials such as sublimation, laser, inkjet, and standard and color copier.


  •  Gecko heat press may take up a little more space
  • Due to its high voltage and power, it has high levels of electricity consumption


However, despite the uniqueness and attractive features, there are also other rival and competitive heat press machines on the market. Its other rival is the Stahls Hotronix Auto-Open Clam Heat Press and the 3D Multi-Function Vacuum Sublimation Heat Press Machine. The features of these two presses are outlined below, and the choice only depends on your needs as a buyer.

The Stahl Hotronix Auto-Open Clam Heat Press Machine has a new lightning latch that allows you to change your lower platens faster. The press is light and portable. It is a space-saving press thanks to its clamshell design and has digital controls for time and temperature.

Its auto-opening feature and the automatic reset timer are just some of the features that make it a high-performance machine. You are able to press more items than any other heat press machines on the market. It is easy to use and suitable for beginners. This press is convenient for people and businesses with high volumes of work. However, it is more expensive than the other presses.

The 3D Multi-Function Vacuum Heat Press Machine is the result of mature technology. It is the combination of heat and pressure from a vacuum to enable transfer to any curved surface. This press is ideal for designing covers for iPhones, mugs, clothes, glass goblet, photos and more. It is the best example of today’s technology and it’s suitable for transfers onto the latest products.

The Gecko Sublimation Heat transfer machine, however, still has striking features. The press is unique with a combined digital temperature and time control that brings out accuracy and the other competitors in the market lack this unique feature. The newly developed lifting mechanism makes it easier for opening and closing during operation and allows for smooth transitioning.

Its high durability, non-stick coated heat platen makes it an ideal press. To top it all, it can be used with all transfer materials, such as inkjet, laser, and sublimation. Other features like adjustable pressure setting are available on this machine. The Gecko T-shirt Sublimation heat press machine is the convenient press machine for enterprises and people who value high-quality transfers. With this press, you are assured of high performance and a long-term investment. It comes with a warranty so you are fully covered.


This gecko heat press machine may be the real deal in the heat press machine market. It is unique and different from its competitors, thanks to its combined digital temperature and timer control that is designed to achieve accuracy. It’s lifting mechanism requires less effort during operation and allows for smooth transitioning and accurate pressure alignment. The press has a rear adjustable pressure knob. It can be used with all transfer materials like inkjet, laser and more. This is the ideal heat press machine on the market.

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