Transfer Printing: How Does It Work?

What is Heat transfer printing

In case you are planning to enter into transfer printing business and are genuinely interested to know about the most used printing technique in the industry, then you are at perfect spot at the right time. Today we are going to discuss the transfer (heat) printing and try to understand their working mechanism, nature, and … Read more

Types of Heat Press Machines and Comparison

Types of Heat Press Machines

You are here because either you have decided to enter into the printing business and are currently looking out for your very first heat press or you are looking to replace your old heat press. Whatever may be the case it’s quite confusing that whether to go for the Clamshell type or the Swing away … Read more

How to Use a Heat Press

how to use a heat press machine

Knowing how to use a heat press is a very rewarding experience. This is because doing so allows the user to make customized items and operate a business with guaranteed income. But since the machine is designed to heat up to accomplish its purpose, those who are planning to use or buy the heat press … Read more

What is Heat a Press Machine?

What is heat press machine

What is A heat press machine? It enabled by pressure and heat. Using heat press machine allows you for imprinting different designs of your preference on a surface such as mugs or T-shirts. The machine requires a lot of heat production and higher amount of pressure within a specific period of time that is set … Read more

How to Make T-Shirts That Sell

how to make t-shirts

Businesses are always looking for something to help with marketing. Selling your brand is ever important in a world with the seemingly endless competition. In this article we will describe you, how to make t-shirts that sell. Lots of companies turn to digital marketing, and it’s no surprise. I’ve certainly stepped foot in the murky … Read more

How to Decorate Hats with a Heat Press

decorate hats with a heat press

A heat press is a specifically designed device used to apply graphics to the front of hats. Today we are going to talk about how to decorate hats with a Heat Press machine. It’s an easy process once you get the hang of it and there are multiple reasons why you would want to do … Read more

Important things to look When Using Heat Transfer Paper

heat transfer paper

Heat transfer paper is essential for custom t-shirt printing. It’s a fun art and craft project for DIY enthusiasts, even those without special skills. If you take up this task, you can produce stylish and unique t-shirts for your outfits and even create gifts for your friends. Moreover, you might grow in the field and … Read more

Can you heat press polyester?

Can you heat press polyester?

Let’s face it. Many people have fallen in love with the lettering and graphics that can be placed on clothing today. From the U.S. to places all over the globe, people are wearing all kinds of neat sayings on the front of their shirts as well as the back. In fact, adults and children alike … Read more

High Quality Heat Press Machines

High Quality Heat Press

High Quality Heat press machines are widely used all around the world to transfer designs or artwork, such as images and numbers onto garments, wood, mugs and ceramic tiles. There are different popular brands that manufacture these heat presses. In order to have complete and even transfer of the designs to the fabrics, the heat … Read more

Starting a t-shirt printing business

t-shirt printing business

The clothing industry is one of the most competitive industries where manufacturers will tend to use almost any strategy that will ensure that their merchandise is selling out there. Starting a t-shirt printing business could be a side hustle or an extra income earner for you and your family. It could even turn out to … Read more