Starting a t-shirt Printing Business – What You Need to Know

The clothing industry is one of the most competitive industries where manufacturers will tend to use almost any strategy that will ensure that their merchandise is selling out there.

Starting a t-shirt printing business could be a side hustle or an extra income earner for you and your family. It could even turn out to be a mega business especially in case you will be operating in a market area that is not yet identified by other investors.

However, careful consideration and analysis have to be undertaken to evaluate whether the profits you will reap from this venture will outweigh the costs and how well you will be able to sustain your production and selling capabilities in case of competition caused by entry of various firms.

One thing you need to know is that a t-shirt is a casual wear that is worn by almost all persons male or female, children or adult. There is a need to analyze the taste of each of these groups and then get to decide on what your target market is and what it is that the target market needs in terms of t-shirt prints. You may target Individuals or companies that need to print t-shirts for events, personal satisfaction for employees or even for sale

The 5 Aspects of T-shirt Printing business that you need to consider

1. Outline a business plan

While some people may be thinking that, a business plan is too complicated to set up. This is one of the aspects that may lead to the success of your t-shirt printing business. While it is not hard to start up a tee shirt printing business this kind will require you to sit down and decide on the certain aspect that will make up a business plan. In the business plan, you need to pay keen attention to the following areas.

  • You need to identify the types of t-shirts that you will produce and how you will need to differentiate yourself from other brands already in existence. For example, you may choose to print high-end t-shirts, t-shirts with graphics on them or even t-shirts with humorous or inspirational phrases
  • Another main thing, which forms your business plan, is pointing out your target market. By this, I mean what group of people you expect to be selling your t-shirts to. It may range from adults, teenagers or even small children, male or even female.
  • Choose a unique design that will differentiate your products and thus make them sell as compared to your competitors
  • Have good branding. Get a good logo and name for your company that will enhance a good image among customers

2. Consider the costs

As noted earlier starting a t-shirt printing business is relatively inexpensive as compared to other venture. However, the cost of setting up this business will vary depending on various factors, the dome of the costs you should consider should include.

  • Locational costs – The costs of auxiliary services close to the business should be considered. For example, banking and insurance services will differ depending on the companies in your locality
  • Initial startup costs – You need to budget enough money to be able to buy the best t shirt printing machine known as t-shirt press machines and to pay your workers if you will be employing any.
  • Maintenance costs – This cost will include the cost of ensuring the machines stay in good condition to ensure optimum productivity.

3. Original quality designs

The only sure guarantee that will help you remain at the top in this industry is your ability to come up with new top-notch designs, which are unknown to your competitors. Therefore, before embarking on printing you t-shirts it is necessary to:

  • Carry out a market research and get to know what other printing companies are doing to avoid duplicating their designs.
  • Make as many sketches of different designs that you wish to print so that when you start the business you do not run out of unique content to print.

4. Consider your source of t-shirts and printing equipment

In this business, you will need raw materials such as the t-shirt and the printing equipment. You can purchase the heat press machines purchase online or via retail outlets in your area. If you purchase t-shirt printing machine from online then you can read heat press machine reviews for some in-depth idea. Some of the ways that you can source t-shirts at a lower price will include

  • Consider buying them from the online store and in bulk to enjoy lower pricing.
  • In other cases, you may need to identify stores in your locality that sell t-shirts in bulk at wholesale price.
  • Another way that you can source the materials would be to collaborate with a t-shirt seller where you agree on the percentages that each person receives. This is a much better way as you are assured of a constant supply of t-shirts.
  • If you have lot’s of order then you can buy additional equipment for frequent using. Like when you have lot’s of order, it’s better you buy the best vinyl cutter than every time you buy a heat press vinyl.

5. Marketing strategies

How do you intend to introduce your t-shirts into the market and how are you going to ensure your design sell in the market? Before embarking on this venture, decide on the various marketing strategies that you may use. There are cheaper and efficient ways of making people aware of the existence of your product and encourage them to buy. While big companies may be using costly methods, as a startup you need to look for cheaper but effective ways. Some of the strategies you may opt for include.

  • Making maximum use of social media to advertise your products. Create a catchy advertisement and circulate it on your social networking sites
  • You could also create a website where you place ads of your printed t-shirts, do not forget to post your website link to your social media platforms
  • Another effective option is to advertise your business in local newspapers or magazines

Have walk-ins at the local departmental shops and retail outlets to see whether they are ready to sell your products

Other considerations

Depending on your target market, you need to pay close attention to the quality of t-shirts, if you are printing. For high-end markets then consider buying high-quality t-shirts made from quality materials such as cotton. Quality will also involve a proper fit of the t-shirts you print to different parties within your target niche

  • Learning to make and prioritize your decisions is another factor that will help your business to flourish even in the face of competition
  • It is also necessary that you obtain a business license from your local city hall so as to avoid friction with the local authority, which may later impact negatively on your business sometimes leading to closure.
  • Also, consider the paying methods for your customers. Should you take cash, will you accept credit card and also will you sell on credit

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Final Verdict

If you have a passion in the cloth line industry and are interested in the t-shirt printing industry then it is time you invested in this particular business. However, aim to remain original and brand your business well so that it can be able to thrive even in the face of cutthroat competition from other business

A piece of advice, a high degree of creativeness is a must if you aim to please in this business.

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