Top 10 Heat Press Machines

Heat press machines are very popular on the market today. Their ability to place your favorite artwork on different objects such as garments, caps, and mugs make it a hotly sought after product. The heat presses are available in different designs from clamshell to swing-away designs. Your choice of a heat press depends on your needs. The digital heat presses available today have a control feature of heat and pressure, making a well-imprinted design. They come in different sizes to cater to your needs as a user. When shopping for a heat press machine, you should know the top 10 heat press machines before setting out to buy.

Promo Heat Sublimation

It has an automatic clamshell design and has a heating element measuring 16” x 20”. Its temperature range goes up to 750°F to ensure a well-imprinted design. The heat transfer press of the machine is not sticky and is coated with Teflon to produce quality transfers on fabrics, metal and ceramic surfaces.

A digital timer with an alarm notifies the operator to prevent over-exposure. There is a time reset button to change the timer and settings for a particular session. It also boasts a digital temperature readout and it has two elements that allow you to create custom coffee mugs. The heat press has a tension screw that can be adjusted to adjust of pressure. It is very popular with customer’s thanks for its ability to create quality imprinted mugs.

PowerPress Industrial Quality Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press

This heat press is suitable for industrial use and can heat up to 500°F. It is digitally controlled to produce high-quality transfers and images. It is made to create T-shirts of 12” x 15”, caps, mugs and plates, which makes it suitable for almost every imprinting project.

It has a base board that is pressure adjustable and made of Silicon. The heat press also boasts of a digital timer and heat control. It is popular for its ability to create sizeable shirts and various objects. The heat press is compact.

Promo Heat Professional Multifunction Sublimation Heat Press Machine

This heat press machine is unique for its eight heating elements which make it highly versatile and suitable for producing high volumes of work. Thus, it is designed for commercial purposes. The heat press has a swing-away design and the operator does not come into contact with the heated upper platen during the process.

The multi-spring balancer helps creates even and complete transfers. It comes with a baseball hat platen and a mug cradle which is detached from it. Therefore, the press is suitable for the creation of branded mugs and caps.

It is easy to use thanks to its swing-away feature.

Power-Press Industrial Quality Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press

This press has a gel base board that is made of silicon and is pressure adjustable. The availability of a digital timer and heat controls leads to the creation of quality products. It has a temperature range up to 699°F. The heat press has a clamshell design and is able to make transfers on T-shirts, ceramic tiles, bags and other flat surfaces.

It has industrial strength, able to last long, and is suitable for high work turnover. It’s a great t-shirt printing machine in the market. The clamshell design may be suitable for beginners and is convenient in transfers, thanks to its digital control.

Insta-Digital Swing-Away Heat Press

It is a rather small heat press made of platens of 13” x 13” making it convenient due to its compactness. The press is quiet and is preferred for personal use, something you can place in your laundry room.

It has an integrated digital control with controls that regulate time, temperature and creates even and complete transfers. It boasts of the ability to make transfers on wood, ceramic tiles, glass, and garments.

Powerheat Press 6 in 1 Heat Press

This heat press machine has six different attachments, each for a different application thus it’s suitable to make transfers on multiple objects such as baseball hats and mugs with ease. The press is digital, complete with a time and pressure controls, and is highly versatile.

It is a great option for customers with low volumes of work. It is, therefore, suitable for small businesses and personal use.

Gecko Heat Transfer Press Machine

The Gecko Heat Transfer Press Machine has a combined digital temperature and timer control making it unique on the market. It has a non-stick heat platen. It produces evenly printed images, something contributed to by its range of heating coils.

This heat press machine is able to make imprints on different materials such as ceramic tiles, wood and garments, thanks to its compatibility to all traditional transfer materials.

Hotronix Auto Open Clamshell Heat Press

This heat press machine, which is manufactured by one of the leading heat press brands, Stahls, is a heat press suitable for large-scale purposes. It has a floating upper platen and bottom platens that are optional and a magnetic assist locking system. The upper platen ensures a flat close and the magnetic system ensures it closes tightly. The bottom platens are versatile to enable printing of small and rounded items, such as, coffee mugs.

Promo Heat Sublimation Heat Transfer Press Machine

This heat press machine has an adjustable pressure setting, with digital time control and temperature gauge. The commercial-grade machine has a clamshell-design and boasts of accurate transfer of items i.e. T-shirts, mouse pads.

Stahls’ Clam Heat Press Machine

This mid-level press of 15” x 15” is light and compact. It has a manual floating upper platen and an LCD control for regulating time and temperature. It is effective for fabric transfers such as sweatshirts and T-shirts.

Top 10 Heat Press Machines Conclusion

These heat press machines available in the market are different and has unique features to specifically cater for different customer needs. When you decide to purchase a heat press machine, consider whether you are a hobbyist, or going to be using the heat press machine for a business; what materials you will be using it on; and the volume of transfers you will be doing.

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