Best Heat Transfer Paper Reviews – Buying Guide

Let me guess! You are that guy who runs a T-shirt printing business, right? Or, maybe you take pride in wearing unique designs on your Tees. Whatever the case may be, you are in need of the best heat transfer vinyl paper.

It doesn’t take rocket science to decide what heat transfer vinyl you need for T-shirts.

Simply put, you want to have the best heat transfer paper for your business, but not all transfer paper is created equal. It’s a fact and many printing business owners know this. There are cheap and premium heat transfer vinyl sold in the market today, but if you have the budget and wants efficiency as well, then you’re in the right place as we present you the best heat transfer paper.

We’ll look at some basic information and advantages of each t-shirt transfer paper on our list. Let’s begin.

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Comparison of the Best Heat Transfer Paper for Heat Press

Before you head to the heat transfer paper review session, here is my quick list.

Why Do You Need a Heat Transfer Paper?

Let’s cut to the chase,  if you want some customized design printed on shirts, you have two options – screen printing or the thermal transfer method.

Screen printing is the traditional system that actually fits for large-scale printing jobs. Yeah, this is unquestionably economical if the orders are big. Like, 100 pcs of shirts against a particular print design.

Screen printing is the traditional and economical way of printing shirts which is fit for large-scale printing jobs. Plus the print or image quality will last as long as the shirt.  This printing process requires lots of planning and preparation.

You have to prepare different silk screens if you’re printing multicolor designs, tubs of printing colors, solvents and big space to let the shirts dry and others. Just thinking about the whole silk screen process makes you want to get some soda and take a rest.

On the other hand, using a heat press printing process is a more obvious option if you’re printing just a few shirts or items as gifts or for personal use. Create or download a design or image, print the design and use a heat press to transfer your design to a shirt or any fabric that can be accepted by the machine. It’s that simple.

If you’re going for this route, regular paper and iron will not work. You need to use heat transfer paper for your heat transfer printing. Let’s get to know more about heat transfer paper.

Buying Guide | Things to Consider

Getting the right heat transfer paper can be confusing but don’t worry, we’re here to help you with it. Again, just like buying any equipment, you need to do some research and read reviews on the type of papers out in the market to narrow down your choices and get the best paper.

First Things First

There are plenty of vinyl transfers for different applications. These transfers come in different styles; it can be fluorescent, standard colors or even in glitters. Since we’re talking about t-shirt printing, there are three types of heat press vinyl for this process:

  • Siser
  • Chemica
  • Pattern

Also, take note that pattern Gloss Vinyl or the Oracle Matte transfer paper are not suited for transferring prints in fabrics.

  • Glitter Heat Transfers

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyls are basically used to print sparkly and dazzling designs. So, generally, these are for kids fancy clothes or accessories. Cotton, forms of polyester, cotton blends, lightly silicone nylon, Lycra or spandex – regardless of your fabric selection, glitters work as a top layer over other prints even on leather.

  • Fluorescent Heat Press Vinyls

These are semi-glossy papers with light and vibrant colors. Fluorescent HTVs adhere to cotton, cotton-polyester blend, and uncoated polyester. Prints last a bit longer than the glitters if compared, and are also best for children items or decorative uses.

  • Everyday Colors

Duh! Nothing special here. Just the colors you use and see around every day. As these are plain solid papers, sublimation is the best heat transfer vinyl for shirts. They are the simplest and cheapest ones.

Sheets or Rolls

This depends on the amount of printing you will do. If you are printing more than a dozen pieces, I recommend forgetting the sheets. As rolls come in a longer length, you can buy more at lesser costs. Plus, it allows you the save more with minimal wastage.

Cut out pieces with a little larger dimension of your printable design. This way, you don’t cut greater outlines and throw them in the bin.

Durability & Price

If durability is the concern, then you can compromise and cut loose on your budget. Some high quality heat press transfer paper will serve your criteria perfectly. But, to make big marginal profits quickly you might think of cheap vinyl.

Low-quality prints do not stay for long. They fade and smudge off the fabric after a few washes. So if your printing for yourself or for a customer, you should maintain quality. You can look for wholesale heat transfer vinyl deals to save some money as well.

Top 10 Heat Transfer Paper Reviews

#1. Avery T-shirt Transfers for Inkjet Printers

Avery Printable Heat Fabric Transfers for DIY Projects on Light...
  • Create personalized apparel for any occasion; transfer paper works on t-shirts, sweatshirts, tanks,...
  • Unique color shield technology ensures that your transferred design will continue to look good for...
  • Heat transfer paper is designed for use on light-colored 100% cotton or poly cotton blend fabrics

If you want to add a personal touch to your shirts and accessories (tote bags, aprons, hats cushion covers etc.), Avery T-shirt Transfer works like magic. It comes in multiple units of 18 count vinyl papers. Printing on light colors seems vibrant and long-lasting. Plus, its advanced Color Shield formula aids the durability of colors.

You can wash the printed shirt as usual, and the colors won’t smudge or fade away. The Avery T-shirt Transfers for Inkjet Printers are basically made for 100% cotton or polyester-cotton blend fabrics. This ensures regular wear of baby clothes and usage of bags, hats and other accessories.

The package contains sheets of vinyl transfers with a dimension of 11.5-inch height x 9.3-inch width. The papers are 0.1-inch thick. Transfers are easy to process and colors stay for long – thus making your shirt as vibrant as possible. So if you are running a small business, this could be your perfect solution for vinyl prints.


  • Prints are durable and last a pretty decent amount of time
  • Best on 100% cotton or poly-cotton blend light color fabrics
  • Color Shield formula keeps colors perky even after washes
  • Adheres easily to the fabric surface as per instructions

#2. Craftopia USA Transfer Paper Tape Roll 12″x25 FT

Craftopia transfer paper tape roll 12 inch x 25 feet clear with blue...
  • 25 FEET LONG ROLL: That's 8 more BONUS feet than other application Transfer Tape brands
  • SIGN AND CRAFT MAKER'S TRANSFER PAPER CHOICE - We are sign makers ourselves and we you will love our...

Craftopia Transfer paper comes in tape rolls. It is 12-inch wide and 25 feet in length, which is a great saver! Compared to other brands in the market, Craftopia offers better value for your money. This is why craft makers and home business owners are likely to use it on a regular basis.

It features 1-inch square shaped blue grid patterns for perfect and precise alignment. With the see-through grid pattern, positioning becomes easier than ever. This high-quality transfer vinyl roll allows you to cut off as much as you need. Therefore, you have less wastage and more paper for upcoming projects.

The Craftopia paper tape works for a broad range of outdoor and indoor vinyl adhesives. You can print on glass windows, ceramic, walls, metal and even on plastic materials. Therefore, you have the freedom to personalize as much of the belongings as you want. Whether you plan on personal or business printing, Craftopia 12”x25 feet provides the best value for vinyl signs.


  • Added Length to Cover More of Your Printing Projects
  • Blue Alignment Grid Enables Easy & Precise Alignment
  • Compatible with large variety of indoor-outdoor adhesive vinyl
  • Transferable to smooth surfaces like walls, sign stickers, glass etc.

#3. 6″x50 FT CLEAR Transfer Paper Tape Roll w/ Blue Alignment Grid – Perfect for Cricut Cameo

When it comes to business spending, you save big if you buy in bulk. And, this premium heat transfer vinyl bundle is a prime example. It is more like the previous transfer paper because it’s from the same USA manufacturer, while the only difference is the length and dimension. This amazing indoor-outdoor adhesive vinyl works with sparkles, glitters, holographic, Provo Craft Cricut, silhouette cameo or portrait vinyl, puzzles, and many more.

You can perfectly align projects with multiple layers and customize sizes of your vinyl. As this piece comes with a tape roll, you want to make your own sheet pieces by cutting it off. The package measures a 6-inch x 50 feet roll with blue alignment grid for easy placements.

You can print anything you imagine on your car window, metal water bottle, shirts, ceramics and the list goes on and on. If you print for business purposes and love the smaller width, then this could be the best transfer tape ever.


  • 1-inch Grid Squares for Stress-free Alignment
  • Quick & Easy to Transfer Your Vinyl Designs
  • Comes with 1 Free Premium Felt Tip Squeegee
  • Clear Transfer Tape and More Savings for Projects

#4. Qbc Craft Transfer Paper Tape – 4″ x 50′

Qbc Craft Transfer Paper Tape - 4" x 50' Clear Perfect Size for Better...
  • GREAT SAVINGS: on our transfer tape over other popular brands a 4" x 50 Feet Roll
  • CRAFTERS CHOICE - Perfect for Tumblers We guarantee you will love our transfer tape OR YOUR MONEY...

Tired of cheap papers that don’t transfer at all? Try the QBC Craft transfer paper. It is proudly made in the USA and compatible with most other types of vinyl. Positioning and aligning your designs will become headache-free with this quality transfer paper.

Qbc Craft Transfer Paper is available in both the transparent and white color. Additionally, you can choose from three different sizes. Dimensions vary in 4-inch x 50 feet, 12-inch x 10 feet, and 12-inch x 18 feet. Its versatile design lets you use it on Ultra, Metallic, Glitter, Cricut, Oracal, and Silhouette vinyl. Nonetheless, you should not be using it for the wet method.

It has a less aggressive adhesive that shows awesome results with small detailed decals. Also, it doesn’t leave any residue if you use it with Qbc Craft adhesive vinyl sheets. It boasts a strong grip and provides long-lasting durability.


  • Works Very Well in Transferring Vinyl Stickers
  • Great for Cricut Vinyl Transfer Projects
  • Creates Awesome Decals for Cars & Windows
  • Affordable Than Most Tapes Offered in Stores

#5. Avery InkJet Iron-On Dark T-Shirt Transfers

Avery Printable Heat Fabric Transfers for DIY Projects on Light...
  • Create personalized apparel for any occasion; transfer paper works on t-shirts, sweatshirts, tanks,...
  • Unique color shield technology ensures that your transferred design will continue to look good for...
  • Heat transfer paper is designed for use on light-colored 100% cotton or poly cotton blend fabrics

Avery makes great T-shirt transfers for both good looking and resilient prints. Basically, the brand focuses perfection on 100% cotton fabric and mixed cotton-polyester blends. Apart from shirts, you can also print on caps, kitchen and aprons, and fabric-made bags.

All Avery transfers contain 18 units. Each unit contains 18 pieces of unprinted sheets. The default dimension is 8.5-inch in width and 11-inch in length. You can bring the best out of your design on light colored surfaces. Colors stay bright and smudge-free even after regular machine wash.

Its new Color Shieldformula ensures the crisp and longevity of images. This prevents the print from fading out soon. As a result, you do not have to hang your shirts as decorative showpieces. Rather, you can wear those out for days at a stretch.


  • Prints last long
  • Best Heat Transfer Vinyl for Cotton Crafts
  • New Color Shieldformula Withstands Fading
  • Easy Process and Good Adhesive


  • Commercial Grade Transfer Paper
  • Create iron-on transfers using an ordinary clothes iron, ink jet printer and most software.
  • Personal Creations Ink Jet T-Shirt Transfers for White / Light & Dark Color T-Shirts.

The Neenah commercial-grade heat transfer paper is only compatible for inkjet printers. If you want to build a good name and reputation for your printing customers, the 3G Jet Opaque paper will help. It is exclusively made for electric iron and iron-on transfers.

The packet says it is suited for dark colors, but in reality, it is designed to sublimate inkjet colors to any dark or light colored garments and substrates. It provides high quality and long-lasting transfers. The 8.5-inch x 11-inch sheets maximize the opaque layer which enables photograph quality image transfers.

Neenah makes great products and this 3G paper prints very clean and detailed designs. For heat pressing t-shirts, I would call this a perfect product for all level of experience. You cannot mess up a single shirt with this professional quality paper.


  • Specialized for Inkjet Printers Only
  • Professional Grade Performance
  • Best Heat Transfer Paper for Heat Press
  • High Quality and Long Lasting

#7. Angel Crafts 6″ by 50′ PREMIUM Transfer Paper

Angel Crafts Transfer Paper Tape: Craft Transfer Tape for Vinyl...
  • QUICK AND EASY RELEASE transfer tape for vinyl that does not leave a sticky residue on your vinyl...
  • JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF GLUE will make sure your project transfers beautifully. No mess - no fuss!...
  • FREE INSTRUCTIONS on how to use Angel Craft application tape with your favorite adhesive vinyl.

Angel Crafts paper tape with grid takes the guess-work out of your aligning and applying the artwork. It also has a detailed guideline on how you will use the application tape with your favorite adhesive vinyl. Featuring a quick and easy release, it does not accumulate sticky dregs on your vinyl.

This eliminates the risks of tearing or ripping off your project. Angel Craft is a premium quality 50 feet transfer paper roll. It is crafted to work with almost all the brands on the market. Yet, the bundle is easy to unwind and apply for a multipurpose application.

You do not want to waste your time and money and time cheap products, right? Grab a hold of this quality but affordable heat transfer paper roll. You will love this product. It is one of the best transfer papers I have used so far for making decals.


  • Great for Stickers Orcal 851 and Reflective Vinyl
  • Performs Best for Vinyl Transferring Decals
  • Great Value Out There in The Market
  • Thinner Than Other Transfer Tapes with Similar Looks

#8. Frisco Craft Transfer Tape Roll 12″ x 50 Feet Clear Lay Flat

Frisco Craft 4336883150 Transfer Roll 12" x 50 Feet Clear Lay Flat |...
  • Frisco Craft 12 x 50 feet transfer tape is an ideal product that can handle your project most...
  • Why wait for Lightning Deals when our Price is LOWER than any Lightning deals
  • NO Residue Guaranteed!!!!

Frisco 12”x50 feet is a cheap yet popular transfer tape roll that comes under 20 bucks. It is a product of superior quality and performance. The specialized adhesive system gets your job done in an effective manner.

Despite the reasonable price, it guarantees zero residues on your projects. The 12-inch heat transfer vinyl rolls 50 feet long. Frisco has higher quality as compared to other products within the same price range. The Frisco craft transfer paper roll cannot be underestimated because it gives more value for the money and gets more projects done.

This nifty transfer paper can be used for any of the transfer jobs whether it is indoor or outdoor. It easily transfers to smooth surfaces and works with Silhouette, Provo Craft, Cricut Vinyl, Cameo, Oracal and much more. The Frisco Craft Transfer Tape Roll is one of the best transfer paper for heat press in the market today.


  • Best Transfer Tape for 631 and 651 Vinyl
  • Non-residue and Perfect Stickiness
  • Can’t Bear the Quality for the Price!
  • Works on Most Indoor/Outdoor Vinyls

#9. Craftopia 12″ x 12 Feet Clear Transfer Paper Tape Roll

Craftopia Transfer Tape 12x12 Clear Vinyl Tape roll with Blue...
  • TOTAL OF 12 FEET LONG ROLL. That's 6 more BONUS feet than other Transfer Tape For Vinyl brands
  • SIGN AND CRAFT MAKERS' TRANSFER PAPER CHOICE - We are sign makers ourselves and we you will love our...

The Craftopia Clear Transfer Paper is almost identical to the two previous transfer rolls in the list. The only difference is the size and dimension; it measures 12-inch x 12 feet. It’s also more affordable compared to the two previous products mentioned earlier.

It provides easy alignment and positioning with the see-through grid patterns. The transfer paper is also compatible with almost all the indoor/outdoor vinyl adhesives such as Craftopia holographic vinyl, Provo Craft Cricut vinyl, Silhouette Cameo or Portrait vinyl, Puzzles and etc. If you want DIY prints, this is the product for you.


  • 1-inch Grid Squares for Stress-free Alignment
  • High-Tech Vinyl Transfer Tape
  • Comes with 1 Free Premium Felt Tip Squeegee
  • Clear Transfer Tape and More Savings for Projects

#10. Angel Crafts 12" by 8' CLEAR Transfer Paper Tape Roll

Angel Crafts Transfer Paper Tape: Craft Transfer Tape for Vinyl...
350 Reviews
Angel Crafts Transfer Paper Tape: Craft Transfer Tape for Vinyl...
  • CRAFTING MADE EASY: Transfer your designs like a pro when you use Angel Crafts vinyl transfer tape
  • MULTI MEDIA: Create and apply designs to decals, signs, walls, windows, or any other flat surfaces
  • QUICK RELEASE PAPER: Decal transfer tape won't rip or tear projects when it's time to peel it off

The Angel Crafts 12" by 8' CLEAR Transfer Paper Tape Roll with blue grids ensures precise application every time you make a printing project. It comes with clear-cut instructions and great multi-media tape. Being made of high-quality rubber-based adhesive, it uses the correct amount of glue. This transfers to your project without making any mess.

If you are to print on very few garments or objects, you can go with this one. It is cheap but provides above-average quality to meet your expectation. What else do you want from such a low-cost transfer paper?


  • Great Transfer Paper for Vinyl Projects
  • Performs Best for Vinyl Transferring Decals
  • Optimized Quantity for Non-commercial Prints
  • Does Not Tear or Rip off Your Job

Final Review of the Best Heat Transfer Papers

You don’t need to have a Ph.D. to buy the best heat transfer paper. Think of your business plan and printing applications. Will you go for quality and quantity or is it just for personal or limited use?

All transfer papers in our list are quality heat transfer papers. Buy the amount of heat transfer paper based on your needs. Why? Because based on experience, you don’t want to waste money on surplus material.

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