Silhouette vs Cricut – Which One Should You Choose?

silhouette vs cricut

Anyone who has worked with a die cut machine has probably made a choice between Silhouette or Cricut. The two are at the top of the food chain for cutting machines. Amateurs and experts alike can find something to love about each brand. Which one should you go with? It depends on what you’re looking … Read more

Rising Star in The Market Today: Reviewing the Cameo 3

cameo 3 on the table

Quick Navigation Rising Star: Reviewing the Cameo 3What Makes the Cameo 3 Stand Out?What Are Some Details about the Features of the Cameo 3?Dual-CartridgesUsing StipplingPixScanPrint and CutWhat Advantages Do the Cameo 3’s Blades Contain?Standard BladeDeep Cut BladeAuto BladeHow Does the Cameo 3 Perform During Crafting?Are There Any Problems with the Cameo 3?Where Can I Purchase … Read more

Pazzles Inspiration Vue Die Cutter – Versatile and Affordable

pazzles inspirational Vue die cutter banner

If you have ever tried to cut out letters or intricate designs from paper with a regular pair of scissors, you know how difficult it can be. Trying to cut out the center of a circle without folding the paper or punching a hole in the middle? Forget about it! This is where die cutters … Read more

Tackle Twill vs. Sublimation Printing: Which Method Is Better?

For as long as can be remembered, people have sought out ways of decorating their clothing and household items to add color and interest. Hand-painted scenes on silk scarves or a delicately embroidered floral motif on the bodice of a dress have always been popular. Since the mid century there has been a rise in … Read more

Best T-Shirt Design Software for Your Needs


Have you ever wanted to dip a toe in t-shirt design? While this used to be a considered a niche hobby that only those who were seriously into art tried, new technology is making it easier for more people to put the designs from their minds onto a t-shirt. Quick Navigation T-Shirt Design Software FAQs1. … Read more

Best Fabric Cutting Machines – Find The Right Cutter For Your Project

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Rotary cutters are fine for simple DIY projects, but you can get neater results and prevent accidents by investing in a fabric cutting machine. Digital machines and manual die cutting machines allow you to cut fabric at a faster pace and will open up new possibilities for your DIY projects. We have reviewed some of … Read more

7 Tips for Creating Your Own Custom Designs Using a Vinyl Cutter

vinyl cutter

Did you know that decorative and informative decals have been around since 1750? Simon Francois Ravenet created the first decal using heated copper plates, coloring and tissue paper. This method quickly became popular for decorating fancy dishes for rich people. The process was time-consuming, but the result was often beautiful. In the 1890s, Duplex Paper hit … Read more

PowerPress Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press Review

Powerpress industrial

The Power Press heat press Industrial-Quality Digital 15-by-15-Inch Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press is the most in-demand heat press model in the market at present. This is because a lot of buyers prefer this over the other available models since it is blessed with an upward-opening configuration that helps the device to save space. In addition to that, the … Read more