Morphon Digital Swing-Away Heat Press Machine Review

The Morphon Digital Swing-Away Rigid Steel Heat Press Machine for T-Shirts[/easyazon_link] has heat platens measuring 12” x 10” and is coated with Teflon, with heating coils to allow consistent heating all over its surface. It is of a swing-away design that enables rotation of the upper platen up to 360°. This feature allows you to move the heating element aside to reduce the chance of coming into contact with the heat distribution area. This model applies pressure at both the top and bottom allowing for an even transfer. It has a lower platen that is elevated to allow easy placement and removal of T-shirts from the machine. This heat press machine has a pressure adjustment option that allows the pressure to be set according to the thickness of the material which assures a high-quality finished product.

Mophorn Heat Press Machine, 15 x 15 Inch, 5 in 1 Combo Swing Away...
  • Large Size: Heating board size:15 X 15 Inch(38x38cm);Heating hat size: 5.5" X 3"(14 X 8CM)
  • Daul digital Controller: Timer Control: 0–999 seconds;Suggested temperature range: 0-220°C/ 32 -...
  • Swing-away Design: Full 360-degree rotation of swing arm; allows the heating element to be moved...


  • It has an element size measuring 12” x 10”
  • Swing-away design that enables 360° rotation of the upper heat platen to allow for safe moving of the heating element
  • The lower platen is elevated
  • Pressure adjustable setting
  • Teflon-coated heat platen
  • Application of direct top to bottom pressure.
  • The heat platen has numerous heating coils
  • Timer control from 0 to 999 seconds


  • Swing-away design allows for the rotation of the heat platen up to 360°. This enables the heating element to be moved so as to avoid coming into contact with the element which can be dangerous to the operator.
  • Heat platen has heating coils to ensure consistent heating on the surface
  • Application of direct top to bottom pressure hence there even contacts with the surface
  • The lower platen is elevated to allow easy placement and removal of T-shirts.
  • Pressure adjustment option allowing for adjustment of pressure as per the thickness of the material
  • Element is Teflon-coated which prevents scorching of transfers


  • May take more space due to its swing away feature
  • High energy consumption as a result of high voltage and power


This press machine is safe for its operator’s thanks to the swing-away design that allows 360° rotation of the upper platen hence the heating element is able to move aside and prevent any accidents. This way you can work easier with your transfers. Unlike other heat presses, this one has direct application of pressure from the top to bottom and bring out even transfer on the surface. The lower platen is elevated so the garments can be placed and removed easier. The press has an adjustable pressure button that is applied according to the thickness of the material. The machine is of high performance and a good investment for buyers.


There are heat press machines that also perform similar functions and are available on the market. The choice of the press will only lie with you. These are the USCutter Digital Heat Press and the Digital Heat Press Machine T-Shirt Sublimation Print Transfer. Their features are outlined below.

The USCutter Digital Heat Press is of a clamshell design so it takes less space and is convenient for a standard workspace. It has a digital control panel and has non-stick transfer sheets. The press can accommodate materials up to 15 millimeters thick. It is suitable for decorating fabrics such as cotton and polyester. However, this heat press can only take lesser volumes of transfers and is only suitable for starters and hobby activities.

The Digital Heat Press Machine T-Shirt Sublimation Print Transfer is a clamshell design and measures 15” x 15” inches hence it gives you a large area for transferring T-shirts. This press is a space-saver. It has a digital control panel including the timer and temperature gauge for your preferred settings. The machine comes with a transfer sheet that does not stick. It is built to withstand high volumes of work and is durable.


After reviewing the features of the other press machines, the [easyazon_link identifier=”B018RXR4IM” locale=”US” tag=”bestheatpressreport-20″]Morphon Digital Swing-Away heat press machine[/easyazon_link] is much better. The press machine has a swing-away design with a 360° rotation that can allow moving of the heating element aside. The upper platen allows for shirts to be placed and removed with ease thanks to its elevated option. The pressure adjustment setting allows the pressure to be adjusted as per the thickness of the material involving the transfer. The heat platen is coated with Teflon and has heating coils to ensure consistently and even distribution of heat.

Unlike other presses, this model applies top to the bottom application of pressure and therefore the transfers are even. It is ideal for transfers on flat-surfaced materials such as T-shirts, tote bags, and mouse pads, and hard materials like wood, glass, and ceramics. With all these unique features, this press machine is the best option for lovers of quality transfers.

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6 thoughts on “Morphon Digital Swing-Away Heat Press Machine Review”

  1. I purchased the Morphon 15 x 15 Swing Away on Amazon as an X’mas gift for my niece. The heating platen failed after just a few uses and in early Feb I contacted Morphon for service. Morphon replied that their China facility was on spring break for a week to email them back to have them order a replacement part. When I told them it was their responsibility Morphon said find a local repair center and pay them to repair it and they would pay me back. Yeah! Really?

    So I emailed Morphon back how would a repair center get the part at which point they said they would order one. But despite repeated requests Morphon would not provide a delivery date. So then I asked them to either replace the whole unit or take a part from one of the units they were selling with immediate stock availability. Morphon did not respond. So I filed a claim on Amazon. Then Morphon asked me to withdraw my claim and they would refund my money. I told them that if they would refund my money first and provide a pre-paid return label I would withdraw the claim.

    Morphon’s response was that if they did that, then it would give them a bad mark on Amazon and to trust them. Morphon wnet on to say that they had refunded 100’s of claims and this was just a small amount of money so I should trust them. Despite the obvious that the product must have a lot of problems to have had to provide 100’s of refunds, I did it. As you can guess Morphon never refunded the money and has failed to respond to repeated emails. I then reopened the claim with Amazon and they came back and said since the claim was not filed within 30 days of shipment, they were closing the claim. I appealed and asked them why they would allow a vendor to continue to sell products when the company is falsely advertising a one year warranty it cannot honor, that in violation of Amazon’s policy Morphon requested that a claim be withdrawn before they would provide a refund and now is not responding at all to emails. Amazon said that they understood my concerns but their decision still stood and that they wold not reply to further emails. So much for Amazon’s integrity and consumer support.

    I am now left with the choice of pursuing legal action or eating the $300+ investment.

    DO NOT BUY FROM MORPHON. They sell inferior product, have no ability to stand by the warranty. Moprhon’s strategy is to delay, lie and deceive to avoid having to fill their obligation and to avoid negative publicity.

    I have a WORD document with all the email chains in it for anyone that would be interested to read it and see that what I have written here is the full truth.


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