Learning the Ropes: A Review of the Cricut Easy Press

cricut easy press with paper and tshirt

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why can’t I have an iron and a heat press all in one device?” Apparently, the people at Cricut have wondered the same thing. They introduced the Cricut Easy Press, a combination of everything you’ve wanted to use in heat transfer vinyl and iron-on vinyl crafting.How does the compromise between … Read more

Cricut Explore Air Reviews and More – For Modern Crafters

cricut explore air machine featured image

Few things in life are as rewarding as exploring one’s creativity. The beauty of the Cricut Explore Air and other cutting machines of its type is the variety of creative possibilities. Originally used for scrapbooking and card making, the uses of these craft machines have expanded to everything from fashion to home design. Cricut is … Read more

Old School: Reviewing the Cricut Cuttlebug

cricut cuttlebug

Sometimes, it can be liberating to shut off modern technology. Not being consistently wired to the internet, social media, and Wi-Fi gives you a chance to get back to basics and rediscover some hobbies you might not have explored in a while. Quick Navigation What is the Cricut Cuttlebug and Why Buy It?Opening the Cricut … Read more

Sizzix Big Shot

sizzix big shot cutting machine in powder blue

Whether you’ve been a life-long crafter or you’re just getting into it, the possibilities are virtually limitless. You have always enjoyed making items needed in your kids’ classrooms, and love the way most of them turn out. Examples include that banner for a holiday party or the necklaces for field day. Both of those were … Read more

Cricut Explore Air Wireless Review: Everything That You Need To Know

Cricut Expression 2 Review

Arts and crafts is a time for enjoyment, whether it is for personal or professional endeavors. Regardless of its use, investing in the wrong die cutting machine can be time consuming, expensive, and frustrating. There are many options available today to choose between for your craft cutting needs, both manual and electronic. If you are … Read more

The KNK Force Review – A Perfect Cutter For Your Next Project!

cut paper

Vinyl cutters, much like lightsabers, are incredibly precise and can penetrate just about any material you load into the machine. Unlike the Jedi or Sith, however, you don’t have access to the same tools as anything you can find in the Star Wars universe. Quick Navigation Using the KNK Force and Performance EvaluationThe Third AxisA … Read more

Roland Vinyl Cutter Review

number 15 football jersey

The Roland name has been around for a while now and has become a go-to name when searching for a quality vinyl cutter. The GX-24 was a standard-setter for the last generation of crafting and vinyl cutters for professionals and amateurs alike. Quick Navigation Roland Vinyl Cutter Upgrades in GS-24 vs. GX-24Working with the Roland … Read more

The Final Cut: Reviewing the KNK Zing Orbit Features and Performance

Zing orbit

Quick Navigation What’s New with the KNK Zing Orbit?Where Can the KNK Zing Be Used?What Kind of Materials Can Be Used with the KNK Zing?What Accessories Work with the KNK Zing?How Does the KNK Zing Orbit Perform?What Are the Negative Aspects of the KNK Zing Orbit?What Else Is There to Know about the KNK Zing … Read more

Morphon Digital Swing-Away Heat Press Machine Review

Morphon Digital Swing-Away Heat Press Machine

The Morphon Digital Swing-Away Rigid Steel Heat Press Machine for T-Shirts[/easyazon_link] has heat platens measuring 12” x 10” and is coated with Teflon, with heating coils to allow consistent heating all over its surface. It is of a swing-away design that enables rotation of the upper platen up to 360°. This feature allows you to … Read more