Shareprofit Heat Press Machine Review

The Shareprofit Heat Press Machine is a clamshell designed press. Thanks to the Shareprofit Heat Press Machine design, it can save space for transfer and helps in keeping your hands away from the heated element.

It has a parallel arm handle that minimizes hand flex when one is opening and closing the machine. This is unlike other heat press machines that tend to twist. Added to the arm handle is an ergonomic foam grip.

The press has a digital timer for preset record time during the transfer and a temperature gauge for temperature control. It has an adjustable pressure setting.

The size of the element is about 15” x 15” and can make transfers on medium-sized garments. This heat press machine is ideal for transfers of photos and words on garments, metal, glass, ceramic and other items, and is therefore suitable for producing gifts and more.

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Features of Shareprofit Heat Press Machine

  • Element size of 15” x 15”
  • Clamshell design
  • Parallel arm handle with an ergonomic grip
  • Digital timer and temperature control
  • Pressure setting that is adjustable
  • High power voltage of 800W


  • The clamshell design saves on space and avoidance of direct contact with heated element
  • Parallel arm hand minimizes hand flex when operating the machine
  • The adjustable pressures setting that enables even and completes transfers
  • Digital time and pressure control giving the operator a view of the time and temperature recordings.
  • The 15” x 15” element size that can make transfers like images on fabrics, such as cotton


  • High power voltage, hence high consumption of electricity.
  • May not handle high volume of work

Bottom line

This Shareprofit Heat Press Machine is medium sized and can comfortably make transfers like images, numbers on fabrics, ceramics, wood and metal. It saves on space due to its clamshell design, therefore, it’s a machine one can place in the laundry area and operate comfortably. It is easy to use and is comfortable for the operator because the parallel arm hand minimizes hand flex. The operator also does not come into direct contact with the heated element, thanks to its clamshell design.

It is suitable for small enterprises and people with moderate volume of transfers. This machine has a high power voltage with enough heat to enable quality transfers. This heat press machine is one definitely to go for when you want a press that is space saving and produces high- quality transfers.

In the widely popular heat press machine market, the Shareprofit High Pressure Multifunctional Spring-Balancer is not the only press that is able to make quality transfers of artwork onto fabrics, T-shirts and hard materials, such as, wood, metal and ceramics. Most heat presses have new and light developments. Despite the maker and difference in sizes, design and unique features, many have similar features, like a digital timer and temperature control, adjustable pressure settings and more.

Other competitive heat presses on the market are Fancierstudio Industry Quality Digital Heat Press and the PowerPress Sublimation Heat Press. These two also have distinct features, that I will outline below and the choice over which one to go for will only be based on your preferences, volume of work and other factors like size.


The Fancierstudio Industrial Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press has heat press sheets included, and other improvements compared to previous models, having a silicon rubber base. The press is compact and has an up-platen opening mechanism, which saves on space. It has a high voltage of up to 110V and a temperature range from 0°F to 500°F over a short period of time, thus applying heat faster, leading to quality transfers. The press also boasts a digital time and temperature control.

The PowerPress Sublimation T-shirt heat press has a new heat element measuring 15” x 15”. The baseboard, that is made of silicon, is pressure adjustable. This press is also compact and an upward-opening press, and is fit for people and businesses with space constraints. It is ideal for applying transfers on mousepads, bags, T-shirts and more.


The ShareProfit High Pressure press also has a clamshell design and saves on space for that matter and keeps your hands away from the heating element, a safety measure for operators. This is something that is not elaborated in the other heat presses. It is unique in that it has a parallel arm handle that minimizes hand flex and also possesses all the functions that the previous presses have such as the digital timer, temperature control and the adjustable pressure setting.

Reviewing all the other heat press machines, this multi-spring balancer is the best choice for ideal transfer of photos and words on fiber, cotton, metal, ceramic, glass and more. Buying it for your hobbies and small business will definitely be an investment.

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