Pazzles Inspiration Vue Die Cutter – Versatile and Affordable

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If you have ever tried to cut out letters or intricate designs from paper with a regular pair of scissors, you know how difficult it can be. Trying to cut out the center of a circle without folding the paper or punching a hole in the middle? Forget about it! This is where die cutters … Read more

Best Fabric Cutting Machines – Find The Right Cutter For Your Project

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Rotary cutters are fine for simple DIY projects, but you can get neater results and prevent accidents by investing in a fabric cutting machine. Digital machines and manual die cutting machines allow you to cut fabric at a faster pace and will open up new possibilities for your DIY projects. We have reviewed some of … Read more

7 Tips for Creating Your Own Custom Designs Using a Vinyl Cutter

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Did you know that decorative and informative decals have been around since 1750? Simon Francois Ravenet created the first decal using heated copper plates, coloring and tissue paper. This method quickly became popular for decorating fancy dishes for rich people. The process was time-consuming, but the result was often beautiful. In the 1890s, Duplex Paper hit … Read more

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Vinyl Cutter Machine

Mistakes to avoid when using Vinyl Cutter machine

When it comes down to using vinyl cutters, it doesn’t matter much that whether you are a noob entering the vinyl print business or a highly skilled professional as everyone makes a few mistakes. When you are still learning the basics of vinyl cutting, making the similar kind of errors is quite frustrating. In case … Read more

Why we need a Vinyl Cutting Machine and How does it work

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In the term “vinyl cutter” is trending a lot in the fabrication business over a recent couple of years, I am sure that you had come across this word multiple times. Vinyl printing has seen a tremendous growth in last few years, and the main reason for their success is the supreme quality vinyl cutters … Read more