Why we need a Vinyl Cutting Machine and How does it work

In the term “vinyl cutter” is trending a lot in the fabrication business over a recent couple of years, I am sure that you had come across this word multiple times. Vinyl printing has seen a tremendous growth in last few years, and the main reason for their success is the supreme quality vinyl cutters available for everyone. Today we are here to find all our answers to the questions we have been asking to ourselves regarding the vinyl cutters. So, without wasting a single moment, let’s look for our answers.

What is Vinyl Cutter?

Let me break it in simple terms so that even beginners can understand this; a vinyl cutter is an electronic computer controlled machine just like a printer. Instead of an ink pen, it has a shape knife attached to it. The blade of this knife is sharp enough to cut through the thinnest of vinyl sheets to give you desired letters, shapes and artworks. Thanks to the computer control the cuts are very much accurate and precise. Check out some of the best vinyl cutters out the market.

Specification of a Vinyl Cutting machine

The specification of every device is entirely different from one another, and it depends on the kind of the work for which it has been specially designed. But we have listed out some of the essential features which you can look for your new vinyl cutter.

  • Resolution: Both mechanical and software resolution plays the most critical part in the precise cutting of vinyl, higher the resolution better is the cut quality
  • Speed: most of the vinyl cutters have variable pace as they work with lots of different materials. Depending on the type of materials speeds can vary from of 04 to 25 inches/second
  • Cutting range: Cutting range depends on the type of blade used in the machine. Some of the machines can cut anywhere between 2 inches to 22” inches in width and up to 980 inches in length
  • Versatility: A good machine is capable of working with various materials at the same time without changing or switching the blades
  • Operating software: Every vinyl cutter comes with its design and cutting software, every one of them offers some unique features. This is a user dependent point
  • Compatibility: if a machine provides cartridge compatibility with your previous cutter then it can give you an extended range
  • Connectivity: Today there are different options such as wireless and wired. A wireless machine gives you the ability to move your workstation anywhere in home

These are only some of the general specification which you can look into your new machine. Beside these are lots of features such as adjustable blades, removable blades, dual carrier, touchscreen interface and much more which can be considered while making the final choice.

Why we need a vinyl cutting machine?

This is the question that needs to be answered firmly. Let me tell you that today the competition in the market is ever high, and to be at the top; you need to have multiple options ready at your disposal at any given point in time. Let me give you some of the business ideas which require a vinyl cutter.

  • T-shirt print business: here we are considering the printed garment business as our primary choice. With the help of your new vinyl cutter, you can create the trendy vinyl design which is high in demand these days. The accuracy and precision of cuts determine the print quality on T-shirts. Thus a better print means better business.
  • Labelling and Stickers business: A vinyl cutter opens the doors of opportunity for this market where you can easily create and sell simple labels, stickers, numbers or catchphrases which are very popular these days.
  • Crafts and Woodwork: If you have art as one of your hobbies then the vinyl cutters can help you generate extra income from your passion. Most of the vinyl cutters are capable of working with hardwood, plywood, acrylics, etc. You can combine them with your vinyl to create an excellent piece of craftwork.
  • Papercraft: Don’t underestimate the vinyl cutters for cutting only, even some of the cutters can help you create beautiful vectorized This can also help you generate PCB circuits for various DIYs projects.

These are only few business opportunities which we discussed. Actually, there are a ton of different ideas where vinyl cutters find their application.

How Does Vinyl Cutter Machine Work?

Now that we have understood about vinyl cutter machine and its various business application let us try to figure out how does it works. For starters, I can tell you that its working mechanism is quite similar to a printing machine. The vinyl cutting is the output of several complicated steps performed after one another in succession.

Software part: A vinyl cutter can be considered as a digital scissor/knife which is being controlled by a computer. So, it cannot merely start cutting out your designs.

  • The very first stage requires you transform your ideas into drawings, images, texts or designs into digital form and this is achieved by help of the governing software such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw
  • The respective vector based design is sent to the cutter for further processing

The Knifing part: Now that the cutter has received the command from the computer it can start the cutting process. Depending on the vector locations points the knife gets lowered and it pierces through the vinyl along length and breadth to give the desired outcome.

How the cutting takes place?

Well, this is quite simple can be explained in three easy steps which are mentioned below.

  • Depth Selection: Depending on the thickness of vinyl project on which you are working you need to adjust the depth of the blade or knife. This can be done manually is no depth selection is available in your cutter or automatically if such feature is available. This is very important as it can damage your blade if not set correctly.
  • The X cut: Once the proper dimensions of print are fed into the computer, the knife comes down at predetermined vector spots, and it pierces right through them. The blade is capable of moving only in X direction (either to left or right)
  • The Y cur: The rollers then move accordingly pushing the vinyl in the forward direction, as determined by the vector feeds either knife cuts or leaves the vinyl. The speed of roller is fixed and is in accordance with knife to ensure proper cuts

The synchronous movement of blade and roller gives a proper XY (two dimensional) cutting experience.

Final Verdict

If you are by chance in garment print business, then you must have understood the need for a vinyl cutting machine. It can improve the quality of prints on your T-shirts and at the same time provides you with the opportunity to work on various other projects. Now that you have understood the working of a vinyl cutter we are sure that you will get one for yourself. The possibilities are just limitless once you know how to use vinyl cutter properly. So what are you waiting for, get you cutter today itself?

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