How to Start a Vinyl Cutting Business

If You are here looking for a new business idea then congratulations. As you have found the perfect place to learn about one of the most promising small business. Today we are sharing with you the thought of vinyl cutting business. With the best vinyl cutter for small business, anyone can easily start a small business. Currently, it is one of the few small-scale start-ups that promises good return and better future.

The Vinyl industry is snowballing. Just look around you can find it on signage, T-shirts, boards, and everything that has a design on it. Even most of the advertise are carved from vinyl these days.

Why do we say for vinyl business?

Various reasons make us believe in this business idea, some of the highlight points are mentioned below.

  • Initial cost: It’s the kind of business that would require a minimum initial investment. Just have the vinyl cutter, a heat press and primary substrate, transfer tape and you are ready to go.
  • Space requirement: Well this business is not something where you need to have a warehouse and lots of working space. You can start it in your drawing room and sell the products in an online market.
  • Workforce: This is a most important part for me, it can be operated by a single person. All you need is to create or import design, and then your computer and vinyl cutter will do the job for you.

There are many other points in favor of this business which we will discuss at a later point in time.

Benefits of Vinyl Cutting business

If you are looking for some sit and earn the type of job, then this business is not for you. It requires dedication and hard work. If you are willing to invest the above mention things, then it’s the business you were looking for. It offers you following advantages:

  • Work from home: It can serve as excellent side business that can generate significant income that too without massive investments
  • Work in free time: Yes, it one thing you must like about, there is no fixed time to work. You not bound to work in particular shift, just work when you like even at night when you cannot sleep
  • High profits: Once you have started the business all, the running cost is very less, and substantially you generate significant income
  • Become your boss: Now you don’t need to work with someone, rather you will be your boss and can employ others.

Besides the above-mentioned points, you get a lot of other benefits such as having market exposure, better network connections and managerial skills which will all help you in the coming future.

Steps to start a Vinyl Cutting business

The answer to this million dollar question is right here, just as in case of any business you need to make a blueprint so-called business plan to start your business and run it successfully. Although there is no hardbound rule, still we have put forward some basic steps that will help you to initiate the business, they are mentioned below.

  • Ideation or Niche selection: This is the very first step in almost all business. You need to identify what kind of work domain you are targeting. Vinyl industry has expanded in multi-dimensions; thus, you need to be very clear about the niche you select. Such as the T-shirt print industry or the Vinyl Decal or signage business. Having a clear thought about niche will give you a better understanding of the upcoming challenges. Such as clients, competition and kind of work to deal with. It is good to start on a single niche and expand accordingly to others when you gain response in the market. This way you don’t need to redo everything from ground zero. Simply just introduce the new division of your business.
  • Research your local market: Before jumping into the river test the depth at least once. Try to get an insight into the market and the major competition you are about to face. Learn what kind of work is in demand and what quality of work you rivals are supplying and the pricing too. Make plans about how you are going to tackle them. What are the areas where they lack and you can improve?
  • Deciding a budget: Once you have decided that on which niche you need to work the very next thing is to make a budget. You will require some dedicated hardware. Such as a Personal Computer, Vinyl cutters, Scanners, Printers, Dedicated software, Vinyl rolls, Transfer tapes, scissors, knife, heat transfer vinyl and other utilities. This all will cost you. The budget should be decided carefully. So that you can get quality products which last for a longer time while giving quality work.
  • Purchasing the Equipment and supplies: As you are just about to start the business, so your budget won’t let you have all the tools. Use the research from niche selection to determine the most appropriate tools for your business. Which are affordable but do not compromise on the quality of the vinyl cutters.  Following are the minimum required equipment to start the business.
  • Personal Computer: It’s the first that you will need for vinyl cutting business. You can use your PC from home; the minimum configuration requirement is 4gb of RAM, 2.0 GHz processor and decent space on hard drive. Your monitor should be big enough to give realistic images, a 16-bit 1366 X 768 resolution is recommended. A broadband connectivity is a must.
  • Vinyl cutter: Now we are looking the most important thing that will directly affect your business. Let me tell you one thing that this is not the section to cost cut, here you can afford to spend some extra here, to get a quality cutter that will deliver great cuts in the long run. You may get confused while selecting it as there are hundreds of cutters on the market, to help you here is the list of best affordable vinyl cutters.
  • Software: Most of the cutters come with their dedicated software, but just in case you like to work on something else there are lots of options in the market.
  • Vinyl, Transfer Tape, and others: Depending on the type of project you undertake you will have to arrange for Vinyl, Tapes, Scissors, and knife. These often do not cost much.
  • Heatpress: If you are going for transfer printing, you will need a heat press. And our article will help you to select the best heat press.
  • Advertise: As of now you are ready to produce but just before that you need to get the word out that there is something new available on the market. Use handouts, have your stickers at a various community function and do not forget to use social media to promote your brand. Sponsoring community events gets you the most local attention besides you can promote yourself by various other means. Try to create a positive image for your brand.
  • Selling platform: Now you are done with most of the things, and it’s time to produce and sell your work. During the market research, you have already identified the targeted customer, and the products are being designed as per them. The next thing is how to reach them, whether to go to an eCommerce store or a store up front. Look where your clients are and how quickly you can reach them, select a mode accordingly as both have their pros and cons.


You know that how you can start your vinyl cutting business. But there are certain tips I would like to give you that would help you. First of all, do not take any order until and unless you are cent percent sure about it, then commit to delivery and pricing. Secondly, try avoiding a website that offers free designs and fonts to avoid copyright issues until you are sure about them. You can also read about  How to start T-shirt business here.

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