Simple T shirt marketing ideas that can boost your t-shirt business

Starting a T-shirt business is one tough thing but running it successfully requires something extra from you. If you have taken the first step and carved your ideas into a business, then we will help you to keep it growing. At times, even if you do everything in a well-planned manner, still you don’t get the desired results.

A similar situation occurs in the T-shirt business where you get everything right from designs to print and quality to advertise. Still, you don’t make the sale; this mainly happens because you fail to connect with the targeted customer.

Today you have a large number of choices to reach your customers; we have narrowed it down to traditional and social media approach. Let’s see them one by one.

The Traditional Approach

If you think that we live in the 21st century and traditional approach is ineffective these days, then you are wrong my friend. Some of this technique is 100 percent effective and will give a push to your business. So without further ado, let’s have a look on some of the vital marketing tips.

  • The referral program: Without a doubt, this is still to date the best marketing trick that anyone can come up with. It gives you a guaranteed result when you invest. There are lots of ways the referral program works; you can offer a discount to your existing customer for bringing in new clients or you can provide some cash prizes or T-shirts. One thing is for sure, if your product is good it will spread like wildfire.
  • Promotional Samples: Who does not likes a gift? You can give away promotional samples of your products to students in colleges, local cafes, etc. It would be nice and create a positive environment for your business when people walk on streets with your brand name and logo on their back. On a very limited budget, you can easily get brand recognition in your local market.
  • Sponsoring Events: I know it sounds like a big deal but you can at least sponsor some local events. In such events, try to pass your brochures as much as you can. You can sponsor local club matches and have the player wear your T-shirts, or you can give discounted T-shirts in a run/walk event. You can give your T-shirts as an additional prize held in the local competitions.
  • Connect with the Leaders: Ok let me tell you one thing, what a leader does his followers are bound to do. If you can connect with such influencing personalities like popular bloggers or YouTubers to wear your Ts and talk about them, you are going to gain business. Obviously, all of them won’t do it as a favor, you can always offer them something like significant discounts and free stuff.
  • The newsletters: This method is not the traditional one, but it is still a great way to generate business. Try to collect as many email addresses as possible via various sources. We know that only a few of them will come to your website or shop. Let’s suppose you send 10,000 emails and an odd 800 to 1,000 of them show up, this is also a great plus for your business. Let your clients know that what you are planning and if you are giving any promotions.
  • Local radio station: If you know of a local DJ for a radio station, let them know that you have T-shirt business and you want their help to promote their business. Try to convince them to mention your brand name a few times during their broadcast. This is one of coolest way to let the people know about your brand.
  • Car magnets and bills: Use your car as a live advertising board, you can have specially designed magnets on either side of the vehicle. Also, you can distribute No-parking boards in the neighborhood, which will have the details of your business. This way people will regularly see your name and can easily identify it.

These are just a few points; there are various other ways in which you can promote your business. Now let us see what the special packages that social media bring to the table are.

Additional T-Shirt Marketing Tips

As opposed to the traditional approaches, here are some additional tips as to how to use t-shirt marketing to your advantage.

Target inactive customers

Inactive customers may have found better deals from your competitors. Or, they may just be busy and don’t currently have a need for your product. Either way, you can renew that relationship by showing them that you value their business.

Send a free t-shirt to inactive customers who previously had high or frequent purchases. Along with the t-shirt, you can include a flyer that lists your upcoming promotions.

Because this marketing strategy is so personalized, it may boost your response rate and make a customer come back to you over a competitor.

Bring shirts to new client pitches

If you work with high-profile clients or sell a valuable product, then it may pay off for you to add a personal element to your pitches, like bringing them a T-shirt. A meaningful promotion such as this may make them consider forming a long-term relationship with you.

B2B clients especially look for vendors that will look out for their interests. If you show them personal details from the beginning, it may set you apart from others who are looking to do business with them.

Bundle your shirts with popular products

If you are promoting a new product, or have an incredibly popular product, include your company T-shirt as a bonus gift.

Something as simple as a small freebie with someone’s order can encourage repeat customers.

How can Social media help promote your business?

t shirt marketing strategies

You might have a question in mind that “I already advertised my products through various channels, how social media can still help?” For the fact, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the most viable marketing platform to connect with consumers as nearly each one of them uses at least one of these if not all. You can reach your customers via his/her smartphone that too at free of cost or very minimal price. Social media is the most powerful marketing tool available today and depending on the approach either paid or free there are lots of opportunities available.

Tips to Promote Your T-Shirt Designs on Social Media

On the contrary, most of the business owners believe that simply getting likes and following on their social media page will help them to boost their sales. But it does follow that trend so here are some tips on how to Tips to Promote Your T-Shirt Designs on Social Media to generate business.

Creating brand awareness:

Brand awareness is nothing but the name that comes first to your mind when you need something. Social media can help to promote it by repeated occurrence and engagement. It will give your brand recognition among users without compromising with a profit

Selecting the proper platform:

When you are looking reach out to your customers, the first thing that you should think is that which platform you should pick or invest on. There are lots of social media channels available for promotion, and some of the best ones are mentioned

Facebook: You cannot find someone who does not have any idea about Facebook. It is one of the most popular social networks and thus provides better marketing opportunities. It allows you to create pages. Also, the pages can promote both paid and free method, that offer more detail overview about target customers. You can even have photos, videos, and longer product descriptions in the Facebook Pages. It also provides you with a direct feedback system in the form of comments, reviews etc.

Instagram: This mobile app has spread like wildfire among the youth. Its growth was 15 times faster than Facebook and has more than 700 million users, and you can use it to your benefit. It provides a platform for direct communication between the company and potential customer. You can ask your clients to show off their latest purchase and how cool it looks.

YouTube: No…. no… no…. no, we are not going for viral videos here. You need to create an informative and instructive video about your product and what are its highlights. People can understand better with the help of a video rather than text and images. Also, you can link this video on other platforms.

Others: There are lots and lots of other platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit etc. which can be used effectively to promote business.

Things you should remember:

Have Updated and Complete Profile: It does not matter that what kind of T-shirt you are selling. Whatever may be the product it must have the necessary information about design, fabric or any promotional offers that are currently going on. All these data along with proper images lets the visitor understand what product is and improves conversion rate.

Be Consistent: Make sure that your page is updated on a regular basis as people these days get bored too soon. If you got a new design, ensure that it is there on your page as soon as designs are printed. It would be an even better idea if you can have an upcoming section to keep your followers interested in what’s upcoming. Besides, regular post keeps your potential buyers interested in the brand and its growth.

Have targeted Ads: Most of the social media platforms allow you to create adverts for a particular group of people which have similar interest. This is a better option you can target interested customers, and other won’t get annoyed by seeing your advert. You can spend both your money and time on this feature as it will help a lot.

Have great visual content: you don’t need much guidance on it as all of the social media is based on what we see. Its cent percent true that what looks great makes a great sale, so have images which are sharp/striking and can draw attention. Let the T-shirt do all the talking by presenting them most simply and efficiently. You need to make t-shirts that sell like hot cake.

Having models: It can be the biggest factors which decide the promotion of your product. If you are slightly low on budget and cannot afford models you have your glamorous friend wear it and pose for the camera. It will give a more realistic view of how T-shirt would look.

Promotions and Discounts: Needless to say, every one of us wants to save money. If you are offering some discount and promotion you should mention it there; it will attract attention.

These are some basic t-shirt marketing ideas which you can follow to improve your client conversion rate and provide a boost to your business.

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  1. Hi there, I am Damir from DesignContest and I found this post on your website, about marketing ideas for t-shirt business. I was glad to see you mentioned Instagram as a tool for marketing, many people are still stuck with FB, not realizing Instagram will probably surpass very soon! I also shared on my Twitter and G+ – hope others will find value in it, too 🙂

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