Heat Press Machine Brands

Many companies around the world are involved in manufacturing and processing of heat press machines, thanks to their popularity for making designs and branding of T-shirts, mugs, caps and other products much easier. These machines come in all types: the swing-away heat press; clamshell-designed heat press; and the draw heat press machine. All heat press machine brands involved make the manual, semi-automatic and automatic heat press machines to cater to customers’ needs.

All heat presses provide temperature and pressure and are all made to operate effectively for a long time. Different brands are popular for the manufacture of heat presses customized for everyone’s need.

Geo Knight

Geo Knight is a popular heat press machine brand because of their active and effective line. They manufacture machines ranging from those designed for hobby purposes to large industrial sizes for high volumes of work. Geo Knight manufactures different machines that come in different sizes and unique features.

They manufacture reliable and strong machines and also offer a warranty to their buyers. They also provide customer support. They are known to offer discounts on pricing.

Some of their popular machines are Geo Knight Heat press which produces T-shirts, licenses and mouse pads. The Geo Knight Air automatic digital combo boasts a digital timer.


Hix has a reputation of manufacturing a range of machines to cater to all customers with different needs and specializations.

One of its popular products is the Hix Swingman that is economical and allows even application of heat and offers a  heat indicating light. It creates T-shirts and more.

The Hix Auto-open Clam is also one of its models, having interchangeable lower platens, and boasting of a touch screen controller which allows switching of jobs.

They also offer a warranty on heating elements and discounts.


AIT offers heat press machines made for the most demanding environments and high volumes of work. They also manufacture measuring machines, material handling equipment, and flat platen heat presses which are fit for industrial and commercial use.

The AIT Dual Platen: Air-automatic Heat Transfer Printing Press is one of its products which enables double-heating, which is for printing of rigid substances, such as ceramic tiles.

The AIT Rotary: (oil heated) Heat Transfer printer has an oil heated cylinder and is designed for high-quality ink sublimation transfer.


MAXX has been manufacturing heat press machines for a long time and their heat presses are popular for decorators and T-shirt shops. It consists of leading brand machines. MAXX heat presses have a non-sticky platen and for heavy duty work with a warranty on everything.

MAXX 11 by Stahls has a digital timer and temperature display with interchangeable lower platens. MAXX also offers free technical support for life, undoubtedly why they are listed as one of the leading heating press machine brands.

The Hotronix Low Rider Auto-Open Clam, one of their products, has a special lower platen that makes it easier for the user to place and remove garments. This machine is specifically intended for the creation of labels and tags on uniforms but it is not limited to those functions as a heat press machine.

Red Line Press

This brand of heat presses is suitable for those who have low production needs but require a reliable press. This leading US manufacturer creates strong, affordable and durable heat presses that have an option of digital timing and reading of temperature, and it ensures heat is produced after every application, thanks to its cast in tubular heating element.

The Red-Line Heat Press Clam, one of its leading products is affordable and has the high durability to last for a long period of time. It has a floating upper heat platen and a digital time reading and temperature gauge. If that’s not enough, Red-Line Heat Press Clam has a clam-shell design and can press garments up to 8” thick and produces heat with every application.

All of the heat press machines manufactured by this brand are unique in that they all have a cast-in heating element to enable the production of heat in every application. Their customers are assured of a warranty when they purchase this brand of heat presses.

Insta Graphic Systems

Insta-Graphic presses are the manufacturers of Insta Heat Presses and are known for heat press technology and manufacturing all around the world.

Insta Press model 201, one of their highly effective and recognizable models, is known for its swing-away design making it user-friendly. It is much easier for loading garments because of access to the lower platen. It is a small machine suitable for use at home and for hobbies and is not created for high volumes of work. It has a heat shroud that is protective and has an even distribution of pressure enabled by its “over the center pressure” mechanism.

The Insta Press model 728 is the ultimate solution for high-volume production needs. Its automatic swing-away machine has always been considered a workaholic and has an air-driven operation that prevents the operator from getting fatigued. For this reason, it is mostly used by the world leading brands. Its ability to remain highly effective for 24 hours for 7 days makes it convenient and the real deal in the world of heat press machines. It is made of cast aluminum, hence bringing it durability. To keep up with the technological advancements of this age, it has a digital controller featuring time and temperature readings.


All these heat press machine brands are unique based on the features of their products and their target market. All across the brands, they are focused on meeting every customer’s needs, from the person who does T-shirt printing as a hobby to the world’s best apparel brands. There are different and many brands all around the world which have service options and offer such things as warranties on their products. The choice is yours as a buyer to choose the heat press that fit your needs.

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