ShareProfit Heat Press Machine 8 in 1 Review

The ShareProfit Heat Press Machine for T-shirts 8 in 1 Multifunctional Transfer[/easyazon_link] has large heating elements for transfer, measuring up to 12” x 15”. This creates a large surface to make a transfer even to a bigger T-shirt and has an audible alarm to notify you when the transfer is done. Its swing-away design allows for rotation of up to 360° degrees, enabling the heating element to be away from the operator for cooling. This is a safety measure for its users. It also has an adjustable pressure setting complete with a knob for the heat platen.  The platen is made of aluminum to prevent transfers from scorching. It also boasts of a long arm handle and a thick heating board. The ShareProfit 8 in 1 Heat Press machine has a temperature range between 0 to 250° and a timer control up to 999 seconds. It is unique for its eight elements which can be used for caps, ceramic tiles, mugs, shirts and other materials.

Shareprofit heat press machine

Features of ShareProfit 8 in 1 Heat Press Machine

  • Large heat transfer elements
  • A multi-spring balancer that is adjustable
  • Eight elements in one heat press
  • Swing-away design hence 360° rotation
  • Audible notice alarm after the transfer completion
  • Pressure adjustment option
  • Adjustable heat platen to accommodate material thickness
  • Platen coated with Teflon and made from aluminum
  • Long arm handle
  • Lower platform is detachable


  • It has eight elements to enable transfer of different items such as mugs, mousepads, lettering-shirts and more
  • Large and wide heat elements that provide a bigger surface to create large sizes of shirts
  • An audible alarm that notifies you when the transfer is done
  • Swing-away design that has a 360° rotation hence the heating element can be moved away from the user to cool down
  • Adjustable heat platen to suit the material thickness
  • Heating element coated with Teflon and made from aluminum to prevent scorching of transfers
  • Long arm handle to ease its operation create a safe distance between the press and the operator


  • Takes more space due to its swing-away design
  • Maybe complicated for beginners


The ShareProfit Heat Press Machine for T-shirts 8 in 1 Multifunctional Transfer is a one-of-a-kind heat press on the market because of its eight elements. This allows for transfers of many materials such as jigsaw puzzles, mousepads, mugs, and T-shirts. The heating elements are large in order to cover a big surface for even large shirts. The audible alarm is a trendsetter because it goes off when the transfer is complete. You can adjust the platen to match the thickness of the material. All these features, which keep the operator safe and produce high-quality transfers while performing greatly, makes it an ideal buy.


There are also other heat press machines that are giving this 8 in 1 multifunctional heat press a run for its money. They also have unique features in order to satisfy the needs of different customers and meet preferences that customers have for heat presses. The Promo Heat Sublimation Heat Transfer Press Machine and PowerPress High-Pressure Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press are examples of heat presses that rival the 8 in 1 Shareprofit machine.

The Promo Heat Sublimation heat press machine has a large element that allows transfers onto big flat-surfaced materials like fabric, metal, and wood. Its clamshell design saves on space. The digital timer with an alarm that sounds when a complete transfer is done, and the temperature control to set the desired temperature, are some of its added features. It is comfortable for long production runs due to its parallel arm handle that minimizes hand flex.

The PowerPress High-Pressure Digital heat press is an improved version of previous models by PowerPress. It has a heated platen with a Teflon coating and the base is now made of silicon. The press is compact and only opens on the upper platen, hence it saves space. It has a time and heat control and the base is adjustable to various pressure levels. The press machine comes with a Teflon sheet and is ideal for making transfers on garments, ID badges, bags, ceramic tiles and many more items.


[easyazon_link identifier=”B077GQG13P” locale=”US” tag=”bestheatpressreport-20″]The ShareProfit 8 in 1 Heat Press machine[/easyazon_link] is a big deal for its eight elements in one press that allows for transfer of different items, from mugs, caps, T-shirts to hard materials such as ceramic plates. The transfer elements are large, unlike the other presses and can accommodate transfers on large surfaced items. The swing-away design enables a 360° rotation and this moves the heating element away from the user. The platens are made of aluminum and coated with Teflon and they can be adjusted to accommodate various thicknesses of materials. This heat press machine is ideal for buyers, compared to the other featured presses. It is able to conduct transfers on many items and in high volumes.

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  1. I am having a problem with it heating up to hot as soon as I swing away to place garment on. Also I keep getting E when it is heating up and heats up high then low over and over again. Any suggestions?

  2. I just opened my package and set it all up and when I plug it into the outlet ( nothing else ) the power cord gets extremely hot to where I needed to unplug as I was afraid it was gonna start a fire.


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