BestEquip Heat Press Machine Review

If you are looking to start your own business of custom made T-shirts and gifts then definitely you need a high quality heat press like BestEquip Heat Press Machine. You should try to find a press which can work on multiple surfaces such metal, fabric or glass without changing the print quality and also the heat press should be well within your budget. If you agree with any of the above two statements, then you are on the right place at the right time. As we are about to review one of the best medium sized t shirt printing machine available in the market today the “BestEquip Heat Press Machine.”

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BestEquip is known for quality products, and the company has yet again delivered in the form of this heat press. It is inexpensive and provides quality performance at a high paced rate thus becoming an ideal choice for the persons who are just starting their printing business and have a small working space. This machine is designed to perform precision printing and last for a long time, so you won’t have to worry about machine anymore.

Why go for BestEquip Heat Press Machine?

Well, it’s the obvious question that one may ask; the main reason to consider this press is that it delivers high-quality finishes being a mid-ranged machine. With this machine you can print on any surfaces that are flat can fit between plates. Thus it gives you freedom from sticking to garments by extending your domain to mouse pads, bags, plates, tiles and others and includes substrate materials like metals, ceramics, fiber, glass and much more.

Features of the BestEquip Heat Press Machine

  1. Improved and Functional Design: This machine features a swing away design which makes it ideal for working in the small space and works well on different items. The swing arm can rotate a full 360 degree thus provides even pressure and prevents any contact with the heating element. This machine is equipped with digital temperature and timer controller which can be controlled automatically to achieve brilliant quality prints.
  2. Multiple Types of Transfer: This press has a wide heating range from 0 – 250 degrees which means it can meet the requirements of different prints which you are going to meet. This machine can handle vinyl heat transfer and sublimation heat transfer professionally. Its press can apply the chosen transfer to substrate accurately thus yielding high-quality
  3. The size of The Heat Press: When it comes to size it features a relatively large 11.5 inch X 9-inch heating element which is sufficient to transfer prints on T-shirts, garments, puzzles, ceramic tiles and most of the flat surfaces. Having a medium size press helps in lots of way such as it does not requires much space for operation and also they are much more portable.
  4. Better Heat Press Platen: The heating elements decide that how even the heat is produced, here a large number of heating elements are placed together and ideally spaced in the platen generating even heat from edge to edge. Thus they do not let the formation of any cold spots which can ruin the print along with the garments or fabric.

            The heat platen is non-stick in nature and has a Teflon coating which means that it will help avoiding over-exposure and won’t allow the material to stick. Moreover, the non-stick coating prevents scorching thus maintaining the print quality.

Highlight of the Heat press

  • The press has wide temperature range from 0 to 250 degree Celsius
  • The press has Digital LCD timer control system that offers a range from 0 to 999 seconds
  • Swing away design creates more working space and has higher production rate
  • Can transfer picture, words or artwork up to exact 11.5 X 9 inches
  • Can print on multiple surfaces
  • Digital control makes it settings accurate and provides excellent printing
  • Sturdily built, will last longer
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • High production rate
  • Moderately priced
  • A bit hard to press
  • Medium sized

Final Verdict

If you are looking to run small businesses and are one a tight budget, then BestEquip is the one model that you should go with. It has become the first choice of people all over the globe who need high-quality prints on various materials at a much higher rate. It is also one of the few models that come pre-assembled and is ready to be used as soon as it’s out of the box. Don’t just settle for something ordinary and so inexpensive heat press which cannot meet all your printing needs. I would love to recommend this heat press as one of the best small heat press machine to anyone who wants a machine that can deliver quality at the more affordable price.

BestEquip has another two version in different sizes

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  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B01IN115MO” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”bestheatpressreport-20″ cart=”n” cloak=”n” popups=”y”]BestEquip Heat Presses Auto Open 16 x 20 Inch Heat Press Machine for T Shirts 1600W Heat Press Machine with Digital LCD Timer and Temperature Control[/easyazon_link]

7 thoughts on “BestEquip Heat Press Machine Review”

  1. Read and wrote all over about new press by you from amazon that I bought from your company. There was little info on 1and 8 machine so when “sparked” per daughter in law when trying at first – she wants to send back as new. and will not start. I lookeed and reattached and checked for loose metal in box. Fuse was blown in back of box.
    Could not start again as only value for fuse was 229 volts but no amps and could not get amps or type of fuse from your web site or amazon. Please advise as would rather try another fuse before she sends back as I bought it for her after much reacher on your company that appeared to be best.
    Thanks for info and any site for info on heat press

    • Hello Tom,
      This is not my company :). I just review these products. This product BestEquip Heat Press Machine may be is not available at this time. You can try to contact the seller or check out for the Fuse in Amazon. Thanks for reaching out.

    • That’s a LIE about BestEquip!!!!! After less than three months my heat press broke and I DID NOT get one response from them trying to get a replacement piece!! NEVER would I recommend this company or purchase one through Amazon!

  2. Would leave review but cannot speak ill or good as could not use due to fuse blown and company said ;find some to fix and we will pay you’ Why fix a new machine? They finally found part of fuse rating but also in Chineese.
    Sending back as daughter in law fearful to use and want different one as 1 year promise of great working got burnt up with my trust

  3. Can you tell me WHO is the manufacturer is of this so called great machine. Two half months old and the cord has pulled out of the timer. Can’t get seller to respond and can’t get Amazon to help find information on to get a part! Please I hope you can help!

  4. I had my heat press for less than a year & something sparked & the machine blew out. I’ve sent several messages to seller on Amazon & have not heard back. Very disappointed!


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