How to Use Heat Press Vinyl

Heat press vinyl is a great way to get creative with your t-shirts and other garments. To get a perfect print, you need to pay attention to the heat press and the transfers. You should know about how to use heat press vinyl and create a perfect looking design. This ensures that you direct the right temperature is being applied to the transfers for the right amount of time. This means that you need to be attentive to the process to get the right results. However, once you learn how to carry out the process with ease, there is no limit to how creative designs you can get with vinyl printing your T-shirts or other garments. Below are a few things you need to consider when using a heat press vinyl.

What to consider when using a heat press vinyl

You need to get some imprinting hardware such as a personal computer, a heat press and a vinyl cutting plotter. The heating press will depend on your needs. If you are doing some small-scale printing, you should consider going for a small heat press that is inexpensive. If you are doing some large scale printing, consider going for a more robust heat press.

You need to get an imprinting software. Once you have installed the vector software on your computer, you can now start designing what you will print on your garment. Before you send your finished design to a vinyl cutter, check to ensure that the design image is reversed. By reverse, the design should be a mirror image of the original design. This is because when you are plotting the film, you will be cutting the bottom of the face film instead of the top.

You need to know how to weed the garment correctly. After you have cut your graphic, weed it to obtain a clear linear that shows the graphic at the bottom. With the garment placed on the heat press, place the weeded garment. Also, remember to check that the image and ensure that it is reading correctly instead of a mirror image.

You need to learn how to set the hot press vinyl. First, cover the film with a Teflon sheet to prevent anything from sticking to the platen. Then, set the time, temperature, and the pressure of the heat press depending on the material of the garment. Close the heat press and wait until the set time is done. Once the process is over, remove the liner and repeat the process with another garment.

You need to know the right kind of film to use. There are various types of t-shirt transfer materials available in the market. Most of them are either categorized as PU and PVC films, special fabrics, hot and cold peel, and special effects.

Important things to know before using Heat Press Vinyl

PU and PVC films

PU films are thinner and stretchable thus it feels like they are part of the garment. These qualities make them great for use with apparel graphics. PVC films, on the other hand, are thicker and less expensive. Their thickness reduces their flexibility, and they are also not soft. They are also not considered to be safe for use on children garments because they can eat its applique which is not safe. This quality makes the PVC ideal for use to decorate adult garments only.

Hot and cold peel

This is the amount of time you need to allow for the adhesive to cure before you remove the liner. A hot peel means that you can remove the liner while still hot and a cold peel means that you have to wait until the adhesive is cooled down to remove the liner. This makes hot peel ideal for use in large-scale productions where time is of the essence.

Special fabrics and effects

This is determining if the film is suitable for use with the intended fabric. There are different films in the market for use on different material thus before you buy a film, always consider the materials you will most often be using. If you do require some special effects like glitters, there are films for that too available in the market. However, if you use these special effects films, always read the instructions on how to use them to avoid having disastrous results on your garment.

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How to use heatpress vinyl

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Final Verdict

Identifying the kind of film that you need for use depends on the garments that you intend to print on. You also need to master how to set the correct timing, pressure, and heat and also learn how to print on the film. Once you identify the kind of film you need and learn how to use the hot press vinyl, you will have no limit to how creative you can get in printing your T-shirts and able to make a t-shirt that sells.

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