Can You Heat Press Polyester? What Do You Think?

Can you heat press polyester?

Let’s face it. Many people have fallen in love with the lettering and graphics that can be placed on clothing today. From the U.S. to places all over the globe, people are wearing all kinds of neat sayings on the front of their shirts as well as the back. In fact, adults and children alike … Read more

Important things to look When Using Heat Transfer Paper

heat transfer paper

Heat transfer paper is essential for custom t-shirt printing. It’s a fun art and craft project for DIY enthusiasts, even those without special skills. If you take up this task, you can produce stylish and unique t-shirts for your outfits and even create gifts for your friends. Moreover, you might grow in the field and … Read more

10 Best Heat Transfer Vinyl Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you are a T-shirt entrepreneur, looking forward to designing your own unique fashion statement then you need the Best Heat Transfer Vinyl and we are here help you. It’s the obvious dream of every designer to create designs and prints which leave an everlasting impression on your customers. This is not just a piece … Read more

10 Best Heat Transfer Paper Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide

Best heat transfer paper

Let me guess! You are that guy who runs a T-shirt printing business, right? Or, maybe you take pride in wearing unique designs on your Tees. Whatever the case may be, you are in need of the best heat transfer vinyl paper. It doesn’t take rocket science to decide what heat transfer vinyl you need … Read more

What Is Sublimation Paper: Comprehensive Guide

Woman wearing gray shirt produced by sublimation paper

Personalizing your garments, designing logos, images and text for your T-shirts, or printing fabrics for interior design, can be fun, but also challenging. With various options for heat printing on the market, you may ask yourself what is sublimation paper, and is there a difference to heat transfer paper? The simple answer is, yes. They … Read more

Where to Buy Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you have recently discovered the wonders of heat transfer vinyl, you’re probably still reeling from all the possibilities. You have an entire new world of projects in front of you, whether you are making them for your kids or selling them on your own store.When it comes time to restock on printable heat transfer … Read more

Learning How to Make Vinyl Decals: Exercise in Art & Crafting


Quick Navigation Kicking Against the Clicks: How to Make Vinyl DecalsWhat’s So Cool about Learning How to Make Vinyl Decals?What Do I Need to Learn How to Make Vinyl Decals? How to Make Vinyl Decals, Step by StepDesign Preparation and PrintingApplying the Vinyl LaminateCutting the Complete DecalsMastering How to Make Vinyl Decals Kicking Against the … Read more

What is Vinyl : An Ultimate Guide to Craft Vinyl Types and Uses

Roll of vinyl

Quick Navigation What Is Vinyl Used for, and What Kinds Are There?Heat Transfer VinylKINDS OF HEAT TRANSFER VINYLAdhesive Vinyl What is vinyl? The word conjures up different images for different people. In the first half of the 1900’s, vinyl was used to produce millions of record albums, which were played over and over again, their … Read more

Tackle Twill vs. Sublimation Printing: Which Method Is Better?

For as long as can be remembered, people have sought out ways of decorating their clothing and household items to add color and interest. Hand-painted scenes on silk scarves or a delicately embroidered floral motif on the bodice of a dress have always been popular. Since the mid century there has been a rise in … Read more