Heat Press Maintenance Tips – How To Take Care of Your Heat Press

For those who are in garment printing business, the heat press machine is the center of the business. It the money printing device which helps you earn bread and butter. Thus, should be always handled with utmost care and precaution if you want it to deliver at its best all the times.

As most of the standard machines require regular maintenance, the heat press also requires it. You must conduct the regular servicing and maintenance of your heat press at a predefined interval of time. This will help your machine to run efficiently and will also ensure the longevity of your heat press machine.

It has been rightly said that “take care of your tools and your tools will take care of you”. And the worst thing that can happen to your business is that your machine gets broke down at the time of production. This will not only delay your production but cause you serious damage both in terms of clients and overheads.

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You will definitely want to keep your machine up and running. For that purpose, you will need to invest some time and very small amount of money. As you know that each and every machine is different from one another so does their maintenance procedure. In order to help you with that, we have come up with some generic technique which can be performed to maintain all your heat presses.

Maintenance tips for Heat press

  1. Cleaning the upper platen:

In order to the clean the upper platen after use first of all power off the machine and let the machine cool down. Sprinkle a small amount of mineral any mineral acid on to soft cloth, now gently wipe the platen surface with this dampened cloth. This removes the extra inks which come transfers.


  • Do not use anything rough or sharp things such as the scrub pads or knifes to remove any layer of residue ink left on the platen. As these materials will damage the protective Teflon coating
  • Never use the mineral acid while the platen is hot, as its highly flammable. Also, avoid coming it in contact with sparks and flames


  • Gives you a clean and smooth surface which is ideal for heat transfer process, an uneven surface can reduce the quality of transfer
  • A cleaner platen distributes the heat and pressure evenly, which helps you to produce great workpieces
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  1. Protecting the Teflon surface:

The Teflon coated surface here is nothing new, it’s the same as your cooking utensil and serves the function of preventing ins to stick on platen surface. Avoid using and sharp items such chains, zippers and other things to prevent the Teflon layer from getting scratched.


  • If you are using additional Teflon sheets please try to remember that it will increase the thickness of the layers and would require more pressure and temperature
  • If a garment has some metal tags try to cover up in multiple patches of smaller dimension
  1. Regular oiling and greasing:

You know its quite important to regularly oil and grease the mechanically moving parts of any machine. It always works wonders for everyone. If you do not oil or grease at regular intervals then the heat press becomes slightly hard to work with as the pivots get harden because of dust build up. Also, without lubrication the most of the exposed parts will dry out and start rusting, thus gradually increases the friction making it harder to work.


  • Well, lubricating is a good thing but what happens when you overdo it. The grease build up can be noticed which can get to your garments. So always after greasing, clean of the press before starting it.
  1. Protecting the lower platen:

The lower platen or the silicon board plays a very crucial part in the transfer of designs. It is designed to provide even pressure on the entire surface. It can get damaged or punctured by pressing sharper items in the press. Also, the corners get destroyed after some usage by simple loading and unloading. All of these results in creating uneven pressure on the garment. To avoid such a situation always use the transfer media with a Teflon layer. This will also let you easily slide your garment under the platen even quicker

  1. Cleaning the air system:

Well, this one is for the automatic machines. As they operate by using compressed air which is being sucked in from the environment. It contains a large amount of dust and dirt particles which can clog the entire system. So, to avoid such a situation check the air filters regularly and if necessary change them. Also, replace the desiccant air drier if it’s used completely to prevent the moisture jamming and damaging the air pipes.

  1. Genuine Power chords:

Always use the original power chords provided by the company for optimum results. Aftermarket products can cause underperformance and even damage the heat press as they are incapable to deliver the right voltage and current.

  1. Verify the temperature accuracy:

Once in a while test the accuracy of the heating platen for even and precise heating. A heat press test kit can help you with that. Set the temperature to a fixed point and check the reading on the kit to verify the results.

  1. Have a cleaner workplace:

One important thing is to have a very much cleaner working space, the cleaner space easier & smoother will be a job. Particles like lint, hair and other debris can get stuck in the garment while transferring. So, try to keep the workshop as clean as possible.

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Your heat press is the engine of your business, so if you want to keep your business going well you must keep the heat press well maintained. The regular maintenance will let your machine perform smoothly and efficiently over a longer period. You can follow the above mention points to get the better performance from your machine.

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