Best Heat Press Machine Reviews 2017

Getting the best heat press machine is a very rewarding experience. This is because doing so allows a buyer to effectively accomplish a number of printing and transfer jobs with utmost convenience.

But as the number of heat press machines offered for sale continues to increase, selecting the best from what is offered had become complicated. Due to this, buyers are strongly advised to conduct the needed online and personal research prior to purchase. They are also encouraged to learn and identify the most common features that the heat print machines have.

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This is a super lengthy article, so at first take a look at our list of best heat press machines

Best Heat Press machines 2017 – List of Top 10

  1. Powerpress Digital Sublimation Rhinestone Heat Press
  2. ShareProfit Hat Press Heat Press Machine 5 in 1 Multifunctional
  4. PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Press
  5. Zeny® 6in1 Combo Heat Press Machine Digital Multifunction Transfer Sublimation
  6. Digital Heat Press Machine, T-Shirts, Vinyl, Non Stick Sheet (STARTER BUNDLE)
  7. DG Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press
  8. BestEquip Swing Away Heat Press Machine
  9. OrangeA 8 in 1 Swing Away Heat Press
  10. Mophorn Digital Swing Away Rigid Steel Heat Press Machine for T Shirts

Common Features of a Heat Press Machine

The following features are considered as the most common features that should have a professional heat press machines usually.

Functional Design

Potential heat printer buyers are encouraged to go for the products that feature a functional design. This simply means that they should as much as possible go for the machines that effectively help in saving space, work well when used on different items and are equipped with advanced time and temperature controls and displays. This is because getting a machine with such characteristics can help them obtain the best printing and transfer outcomes.


Aside from the functional design, buyers are also advised to go for the machines that come with user-friendly functions and controls. This can be accomplished by going for the models that are equipped with highly-adjustable knobs and buttons that can be easily tweaked to input the most important information needed to get the job done, particularly the time and temperature settings. Read our guide about how to use a heat press machine effectively.

Equipped with a non-stick heating element

Finally, buyers are encouraged to prioritize the models that are equipped with the non-stick heating element. This is because doing such can help them in avoiding overexposure and sticking of materials used for printing. On top of that, different models equipped with this feature effectively prevents scorching that can ruin the outcome of the printing jobs accomplished using the machine.

Still have some confusion? Don’t worry. Read our latest heat press reviews and take your buying decision.

Best Heat Press Machine – Reviews of the Top 5

1. Powerpress Digital Heat Press 15 x 15 Sublimation Heat Press – Best Heat Press Machine for small business

Are you looking for a  replacement/old or a brand new machine for your custom made gifts or custom printed T-shirt business? Then we have an ideal match for your choice? The Powerpress Digital is an industrial grade machine which can handle all your business needs.  It is one of the most popular and demanded heat printing machine in the market today; this is because of its ability to print on any flat surface whether be it fabric, ceramics or metal. It’s a comparatively budget friendly machine for start up business and also it’s a great tshirt printing machine with lot’s of standard features.

Powerpress Digital Heat Press 15 x 15

Why prefer Powerpress Digital over others?

Well, there are a ton of reasons to select this product over other, and some of the most important ones are mentioned below.


  • Versatility: This is one of the few machines which can print on garments, fabric, canvas, ceramic, glass, metal and much If offer you a rare chance to work on all different materials using just one machine.
  • Size: The device gives you a wide surface area of 15 inch X 15 inch which is quite suitable for even large projects. The important aspect is that being such large, it heats
  • Digital controls: The press has digitally controlled timer and temperature which means that you can set these parameters accurately depending on the print requirement.
  • Wide Temperature and Timer Range: The machine offers very wide heat range from 0-500 degree Fahrenheit and a similarly large time range of 0-999 seconds.

Well, there are a lot of other features to mention such as affordability, durability, design,  high production and much more which we would discuss later.

  • Compact space saving design
  • Accurate electronic timer and temperature control
  • Non-stick surface and heat platen
  • Larger working element
  • Works with any flat surface
  • Slightly heavy
  • Relatively high priced



I would like to recommend this product to any of the person looking to start up his own small print business as it offers a larger working element and versatility to work with different materials. The machine looks sturdily built and durable; I am sure you will be very much satisfied with the print quality and overall performance of the machine. Also, the electronically controlled timer and heating element improve print quality.

2. ShareProfit Heat Presses Hat Press Machine for T-Shirts Cup Mug – Best starter Heat Press Machine

The ShareProfit Heat Presses Hat Press Machine for T-Shirts Cup Mug continues to experience a steady increase in demand from buyers. The product has become a top option for most buyers since it comes in a generous package which includes extra elements responsible for allowing it to accomplish different types of printing jobs. The extra elements sold along with it include a mug press, hat press, and plate press. Aside from that, the machine is also equipped with a larger transfer element and a highly-adjustable multi-spring balancer that enables it to conveniently handle a lot of pressing jobs.

ShareProfit Heat Presses Hat Press Heat Press Machine


    • Comes with dimensions of 21×19.5×19 inches
    • Weighs about 64.9 pounds
    • Offered for sale in a 5 in 1 configuration
    • Has a large 12”x15” transfer element
    • Capable of providing a temperature range of 0-250 degrees Celsius
    • Has a timer control of 0-999 seconds
    • Comes with an adjustable height that can be tweaked from 13.5” to 17”
    • Has a 1400-Watt power output
    • Makes use of a 110-volt power source to function
    • Features a longer arm handle
    • Equipped with a detachable lower platform
    • Comes with a 4/5” heating board
    • Has a fully-adjustable multi-spring balancer
  • Sold in a package which includes 5 elements
  • Equipped with a larger transfer element that provides a larger work space
  • Has a T-shirt Intelligent audible alarm
  • Comes with a 360-degree rotation of swing-away design
  • Has movable heating elements that can be safely moved away to cool down
  • Comes with a highly-adjustable pressure adjustment knob
  • Has a high-grade aluminum and Teflon-coated press element that effectively prevents scorching
  • Works well when used on mugs, plates, cups, T-shirts and other medium
  • Sold as a fully-assembled product
  • Comes with a relatively expensive price
  • Might not be shipped in some countries
  • Product availability is quite limited
  • Not sold along with a warranty


Although it is sold at an expensive price, the ShareProfit Heat Presses Hat Press Machine for T Shirts Cup Mug still remains an ideal option for most buyers since it works well when used for mugs, plates and hats. It is also equipped with a large transfer element that allows it to provide a bigger work space, fully-adjustable adjustment knob and movable set of heating elements that can be safely moved to cool down. Finally, it comes with a high-grade aluminum Teflon-coated platen press that prevents sticking or scorching of transfers.

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Swing Away T-SHIRT PRESS – Best Small Heat press Machine

Either if you are looking for new heat printing machine to start your business or just a replacement for your old one then this Swing Away T-SHIRT PRESS would be the perfect choice for you. If you are on a small budget but have plenty of space, then you are going to love this press. The machine is highly versatile dishes out high-quality prints on multiple different surfaces with various printing option such as vinyl, sublimation, inkjet and many others.


Why should you consider this press?

This machine provides a number of features to be seen as a primary choice for the user, some of which are mentioned below.


  • Versatility: The number of items that this machine can transfer prints is quite large including s garments, glass, paper, ceramic, metal and much
  • Size: It’s a medium sized device and measures 10” X 12”, suitable for printing T-shirts and other custom gifts and items. It’s highly portable and can be carried anywhere you need.
  • Workspace: Being a swing away model it offers greater workspace as compared to clamshell models.
  • Safety: The top heating plates move completely out of the way thus there is no risk of accident burning of your hands.
  • Nonstick platen: The platen is Teflon coated, so you don’t need to cover the transfer paper.
  • Even heating and pressure: The platen heats evenly and being top-down ensures even pressure through the plate.
  • Wide range: This machine offers a very wide range of temperature from 0 to 500 degree Fahrenheit and a timer range of 0-999 seconds.

There are lots of other features which this machine offers which we would discuss later.

  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Electronic controlled
  • Portable
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Medium size
  • A bit issues with thicker items


I loved the way this amazing press has performed so far; it gives excellent print at a higher rate. Moreover, it is easy to transport and much safer to use because of extra workspace. Thus I would love to recommend it to the persona who need high portability hand have a great larger space. Besides it easily comes in your budget and is much easy to operate.

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital 15-by-15-Inch Sublimation T-Shirt Press – Best Heat Press Machine for the Money

The PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital 15-by-15-Inch Sublimation t shirt printing machine is among the most in-demand model in the market at present. This is because a lot of buyers prefer this over the other available models since it is blessed with an upward-opening configuration that helps the device to save space. In addition to that, the powerpress machine is capable of transferring images on t-shirts, ceramic tiles, jigsaw puzzles, garments and bags. On top of that, this machine is equipped with an accurate timer and heat control feature that prevents sticking and scorching.



    • Comes with dimensions of 30x19x17
    • Weighs about 53 pounds
    • Equipped with a 15”x15” working element
    • Features an upward-opening construction
    • Features a coated sheet along with a coated heat platen
    • Derives power from a 110-volt source
    • Has a power output of 1800 watts
    • Provides a temperature range of 0-500 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Has a heating time range of 0-999 seconds
    • Equipped with an electronic heating and time controls
    • Has a pressure adjustable silicon gel base board
    • Works on a number of items like ceramic tiles, t-shirts, and bags
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Relatively light weight
  • Comes with a larger working element that provides more workspace
  • Has an electronic temperature control that allows convenient temperature adjustments
  • Has an accurate electronic timer that helps prevent sticking and scorching
  • Provides a non-stick surface and heat platen
  • Offered with a glued-down silicon rubber base
  • Works well in doing transfer, letter, number and image applications
  • Can be used on objects with flat surfaces
  • Sold at a relatively higher price
  • Not available for shipping in some countries
  • Not sold along with a warranty
  • Product availability is quite limited


Despite of its relatively expensive price, the PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital 15-by-15-Inch Sublimation t shirt printing machine is still regarded as a good purchase by a lot of buyers. This is because the product comes with an upward opening configuration that makes it convenient and safe to use. In addition that, such it is equipped with a bigger working element, coated sheet and heating platen along with a glued-down silicon rubber base. Finally, this heat press is also admired for its electronic heat and time control for better work outcomes.

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Zeny® 6-in-1 Combo – Best Combo Heat Press Machine

Buying personalized gifts can be expensive and you can’t always find what you’re looking for, even in specialized stores. Sometimes you may wish you could make your own gifts or T-shirts for a fund raiser, or a T-shirt in support of a cause. Now you can do it with the Zeny Heat Press Pro, 6-in-1 Combo Heat Printing Machine. Get all the cool designs on the items you want without the hassle of dealing with stores and the high costs of paying to personalize items you have to buy separately. Also if you decide to start a home business then it will be the great machine for small business as a startup with a little investment.

Zeny Heat Press 6 in 1 Combo


The Zeny Heat Press Pro has a lot of features that makes creating your own personalized designs easy, fun and safe. Not only it is convenient for use in your own home, but other features make it simple and fun. The biggest features that have customers enjoying and loving their Zeny Heat Print Pro, include:

  • The 4/5 inch heating board allows the heat to be evenly distributed across the entire platen
  • Choose from a Fahrenheit or Celsius degree control
  • Warms up quickly
  • The built-in structural support helps to maintain flatness
  • Designed with an upgraded alloy cradle so that you get even heating
  • Comes with a compact size, lightweight, detached cradle to use for mug elements. More compact than standard cradles
  • Comes with timer control
  • Adjustable multi-spring balancer

Before you purchase your desired press machine, you need to compare pros and cons. Knowing what the benefits and positives are about a product, versus the negatives, or concerns, can help you make a wise decision as to if the product is right for you and what you are looking for. Other customers who have the machine give their opinion on the pros and cons of the machine to help others make an informed decision before they buy. Below are some of the list’s of pros and cons.

  • Made sturdy; all metal and no plastic
  • Easy to put together
  • Easy to use. Not difficult to use the different functions to make T-shirts or mugs or anything it’s intended to
  • Instructions aren’t very clear on how to put together
  • There may be some difficulty using the pressure screw and getting it to work right
  • There were some concerns with how the timer works with some customers


Whether you are crafty at heart or want to learn something fun to do, the Zeny Heat Press Pro will have you seeing your creative side quick and easily. You’ll be amazed at what you can create for your personal use, gifts or even items for your business. Let your imagination loose and start creating with the Zeny Heat Print Pro.

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Check out this video on What You Need To Know About Heat press


Imprinting graphics on various items like t-shirts, caps, Mugs is a very rewarding business today as more people opt for personalized products. This type of business is made possible by heat press machines. These machines designed to imprint graphics on substrates using heat and pressure.

There are numerous types and brands of heat printing machines on the market today. As such, it can be quite daunting for you to land the best one for your ventures. Herein is a comprehensive guide on the factors to consider when buying your desired machine.


The heating capabilities of the heat press have to meet the requirements of the transfers you are going to use. The most common types of transfers include printable heat transfer vinyl, laser transfer paper, inkjet transfer paper, sublimation and plastisol transfers. In order to produce the highest quality of imprints possible, the heat press machine should be able to apply your chosen heat transfer to the substrate properly.


The number of heating elements in a heat printing machine platen will determine how even the heat produced will be. The occurrence of cold spots in a platen can potentially ruin not only your transfer but also the garments. Cold spots are a result of an inadequate number of heating elements.

They can also be caused by heating elements that are not well spaced. The best heat press are those with many heating elements that are placed closer together. This will provide even heat from edge to edge of the platen.


The thickness of a platen is directly related to its capability to retain heat or not. Thick and heavy platens will be able to retain more heat as compared to thin and light platens. This is especially important if you intend on maintaining long production runs.

Retaining heat is crucial if you seek to produce consistent imprints. As such, if you want regular imprints on a large number of items you should opt for a heat printing machine with an extra thick and heavy platen.


When it comes to heat press machines, size does matter and particularly if the press will be stationary. It is recommendable to go for the largest press size within the limits of your budget. The standard full press size is 16” by 20”. The minimum recommendable size is 15” by 15”.

There are several advantages of having a larger press size. It makes it easier to align and press large size garments. Larger heat presses enable you to easily load and unload bulky garments such as jackets and hooded sweatshirts. In addition, you can be able to press several small items all at once.

It is important to note that larger machines are less portable due to the weight. If you want to take your machine on the road, smaller machines will be the best option. We have a article on this important factor machine sizes

What Machine size do you need?

To answer this question, first of all, you need to identify your printing needs, space availability, and portability. There are different sizes of machines available in the market which are mentioned below.

  • Small presses: When you need to print smaller items such as labels, tote bags and baby cloth these types of presses come in handy. These presses are available in 4” X 6”, 6” X 6” and 6” X 8” sizes. They are compact thus require negligible space as compared to others and are highly portable & costs very less.
  • Medium Presses: These presses are available in multiple sizes such as 9” X 12” and 12” X 14”, they require less space and can print on t-shirts and other materials. They are portable and cost less than large ones.
  • Large presses: When you need to print on larger size garments or fabrics, and in the huge quantity, you require such a press. These presses require more space and stay fixed as they are quite heavy. They come in 15” X 15” and 16” X 20” sizes.
  • Extra Large presses: They come in sizes up to 40” X 65” and are only required when need to print artistic items in vast They are multinational company when mass production is expected.

So depending upon your choice, you can select a model that fulfills all your business needs. If you have low workspace and need portability, you can go for small and medium sized press else if you need high productivity and larger prints you can go for large and extra-large presses.


In terms of operation, a heat printing machine can be manual, automatic or semi-automatic. Automatic machines generate pressure using compressed air. They often have more features and are easier to operate. However, they are more expensive than manual and semi-automatic press machines.

They also require a higher degree of maintenance. With the manual machines, you can be able to adjust the pressure between the firm, medium, and light depending on your pressing needs. While they are cheaper than automatic models, they are relatively harder to use.


A good heat press machine should be guaranteed to function optimally without issue or to be serviced at no cost for a period of time beyond the purchase date. Technical support should also be available in the event that you need guidance or the machine needs repairing. This should be provided both before and after the warranty expiry date.

Technical support is very crucial since some user manuals can be quite complex. Depending on who will be operating the machine, the vendor should provide proper product training.

There are other factors that you should consider including cheap heat press machines, workload, workspace, Heat printing machine brand, additional features, the technology employed and where the heat press is manufactured.


There are three main categories of heat printing machines; swing away, clam shell and draw. Note that some heat presses are a combination of at least two of the above three categories. These are a swing away/draw and clam shell/draw hybrid.


A clamshell machine is where the bottom and top platens open and closes in a similar way to the shell of a clam. In most clamshell models, the bottom platen remains stationary as the top plate goes up at an angle. One of the main advantages of a clamshell is that it takes up less space than the swing away heat press. It also feels more sturdy and solid on the surface.

The problem with clam shell presses is that the top platen limits the workspace. This is more evident in smaller presses. The top plate on such presses may get in the way of your line of sight and hands. Due to this, there is a slight risk of a burn.


  • It’s user friendly, best for the beginners
  • Not suitable for thicker fabric
  • Easy to move as it has the portable option


In a swing away machine, the bottom platen is stationary while the top platen opens up then swings to the right or left of the working space. This design gives it one major advantage. It provides much more working space that the clam shell machine since the platen moves out of your way. As such, you can achieve a higher production rate.

However, it is also the source of one of its drawbacks. Due to the swinging top platen, more room is required for a swing away press. In addition, the moving parts of this heat press make it less sturdy and stable.


  • It’s best for experienced user’s
  • It requires more space than Calm shell
  • It can produce higher volume products


In draw heat presses, the bottom platen pulls out towards you, much like opening a drawer. This design provides a heat-free and unobstructed workspace while saving space. Its only notable drawback is its unsuitability for pressing intricate items that need a stationary and stable workspace. These are the high quality machines for the most experienced users.


  • Requires Heat free work surface
  • Requires more space and it’s not portable
  • It’s ideal for high volume production

 What is the Different Usage of Heat Press Machine?

There are some various applications of heat presses, and each one can be developed into a successful business. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Printing T-shirts: This is one of the most common uses of heat presses. You can start up your own business of custom printed T-Shirts.
  • Custom Gifts: Well it’s quite exciting to design a special gift for someone, and it’s becoming a great People love specially imprinted mugs, glass artwork and much more.
  • Designing Tiles and Number plate: With the high-quality machines available you can print artistic designs on ceramic tiles and metal plates, it’s also a flourishing business.

Importance of Heat Press Machines

It is frequently asked that why do I need a heat press for my printing business when there are a lot of print option such as offset and screen printing are available. We need these machines because of the following features.

  • Permanent prints: Here printing is done by applying heat and pressure to the substrate the colors become a part of it. As a result, prints are durable.
  • Multicolor option: In these machines, you can have prints of five or six different colors simultaneously which is not possible in others modes.
  • High Production Rate: These machines are capable of printing nonstop and thus can produce large quantities in less time.

How to use a heat printing machine?

Printing custom made designs on a substrate such as glass, fabric, tiles or even T-shirts has become very comfortable with the heat press machines. If you are a newbie, you can follow these simple steps and learn to use these fabric printing machine.

  • The first phase requires you to prepare your transfer paper. You can get ready made transfer paper or print your custom design via a suitable printer for your transfer paper and printing need.
  • Now you need to open the press and move the heat platen away from silicon pad.
  • Now depending upon the substrate and print set the temperature and pressure accordingly using the thermostat and pressure knob respectively.
  • Now you need to set the timer, increase or decrease the timer clock depending on the transfer paper and substrate.
  • In the next step, you need to place your substrate on the machine, the side on which print has to be transferred must be facing up.
  • Keeps the transfer paper facing down on the place where you need the print.
  • If required cover your transfer paper with a tea towel or handkerchief.
  • Now close the press and press start button, after printing completes the timer will buzz. Press the start button again to reset the timer and stop the press.
  • Open the press and remove the substrate, peel the paper and let it dry for some time.

Repeat the steps mentioned above if you want to print multiple times, it’s quite easy and fun to do. For the detail process of using a heat press machine we have a review article and info-graphic.

Manual vs. Automatic

Over the year people have had debates that which one is better option to go with. Some people say that its good to go with the manual while others say it’s better to have an automatic one. So let us see by ourselves what these machines bring to the table.

  • Manual : In these devices, you need to set all the parameters such as temperature, pressure and time for a material all by yourself. And once press starts, pay attention to the buzzer to avoid accidental damages. Well, these are great machines for beginners as it gives you a better practice to set up the parameters and is also cost effective as they do not require additional equipment.
  • Automatic : Here can pre-program your machine for different materials by selecting the required values of parameters for a particular material. Rest of the time just load the content, press start button and unload the final piece. These are much easier to use. There are no chances of damaged pieces as it opens up after the preset condition, it saves time, requires less attention but regular maintenance. Its bit expensive as has some extra equipment such as a compressor.

The final quality is nearly identical, so it depends on your requirement and budget to choose which one you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have just bought your heat printing machine but still have questions about it, then a frequently asked question section will be a great help. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about this topic.

  • How do I check the pressure setting?

To check for pressure setting, you have to lower your upper platen and lock it. If your press machine has pressure, then it will display on the front panel.

  • Why do you have to use a silicone pad?

The silicone pad enables your heat print machine to retain heat. Therefore, it facilitates the flow of adhesives and inks. As such, using the silicone pad ensures that your printing process goes on smoothly.

  • What should I look for in a heat press? 

When you are buying heat printing machine, you need to look for its ability to provide consistent heat temperatures. A cold spot on the platen is a leading cause of misapplied transfers. A cold spot usually occurs when there is a lack of proper heating, a disconnection in the heating element or a short.

  • How do I know if my heat press has even pressure?

You can easily test your press machine to ensure it has just the right pressure. The only way you can do so is to use four squares of paper and place them on each corner and close your heat press. In case one of the papers is not coming out easily; it means that your platen has been warped and it does not have even pressure.

  • What is the work of a heat press? 

This device gives you a temperatures of up to 235C. The machine has pressure and temperature that is greater than a normal iron. You can use it to print images on heat mouse pads, ceramic plates, t-shirts, placemats, mugs, and also cups.

  • Does a heat press need cleaning or maintenance?

Yes, it requires cleaning just like any machine. For cleaning, you need to dust your machine with a household cleaner. You can also clean your heat platens, external parts and even silicone pads. When cleaning the heat platen, you can use abrasive free hand soap and a piece of cloth. As for the maintenance, you do not have to worry about it. Heat presses do not require maintenance.

  • Why does my upper platen appear loose?

During operation, the platens allow for even pressure from one corner to the next. As such, you can have an even application when you are heat printing.

  • What type of heat press machine should I buy?

The type of machine you buy depends on your budget, available space, image size, products to be transferred, and the frequent of use. Therefore, you should only choose the machine that can help you print without any problem.

  • What is the work of interchangeable platens?

Interchangeable platens allow you to print items of different styles, shapes, and also sizes. They can be changed with a lot of ease. You can easily change the platen to suit your printing needs and taste.

Bottom Line

In this article, we have tried to focus on the most common and the Best Heat Press Machine Reviews and we will keep the site updated with latest heat printing machine review with some informative and resourceful articles. Stay with us!


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