If you have decided to start a small business of custom designed t-shirts or just want to buy t shirt printing machine to have some lovely imprints and logos on your unique gifts, but cannot decide about the best t shirt printing machine for yourself, as there are a ton of these machine in the market. Well no need to panic we are here to help you, our research team has spent lots of hours looking after some of the best tee shirt press machine currently available in the market.

If you are suddenly struck by the idea of custom T-shirts, then there are some basic knowledge regarding these machines which you may not be having but don’t worry we got you covered on this. We will look at various the aspects such as size, cost, portability, durability and color stations which determine the print quality and life of the machine. Before looking at the machines let’s have a brief look on the some of the most basic features and functionality which are required for your purpose.

Why a quality tshirt printing machine?

Seriously, you are asking this question let me clarify that why don’t we go for any of the conventional cheap priced machines? With a high quality heat printing machine, you would be able to print high-quality logo, design or other graphical inscription and be ahead of the competitors in the market.

Features of the T-shirt Printing machine

Let us have some information about some of the most basic yet essential elements of a T-shirt printing machines.

Machine design:

Depending on the design of the machine there are three different machines available in the market namely Clamshell, Swing Away and Draw machine. Each of these has their pros and cons, which have been discussed below.

a. Clamshell: These are one of the best machines for beginners for T-shirt printing. They employ a hinge design between two plates which open up like a clam and in between T-shirt is placed and pressure is applied to transfer the print.

b. Swing Away: In these machines, the upper plate swings away on one side thus revealing the lower plate completely providing complete access to working lower plate and avoiding the danger of touching heated plate. They require more space but are more production efficient.

c. Draw: It incorporates a design where the lower plate can be pulled out and provides direct access to the working platform. Here the working surface is moving, so you are required to work more carefully when placing the design.

The degree of Automation:

Depending on the key aspects which can be programmed a machine may be manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

a. Manual: In these types of machines all the elements such as temperature, pressure, and timers have to manually selected. Also, the press is opened and closed manually. They only come in Clamshell and Swing-Away design.

b. Semi-Automatic: Here in this machine you need to close the press manually, and temperature, pressure, and timers are pre-programmed. Once the transfer process is complete, then it automatically opens up. They are available in Clamshell model only.

c. Fully Automatic: These are more popularly known as vacuum or hydraulic presses; they control the heat, timer, and pressure digitally such that every time you get the perfect print. These machines have much higher rate of production and are much easier to use. Automatic machines are available in both Swing Away and Clamshell models.

Machine Size:

Well the machine size is one of the most influencing factors which decide that which model will suit your requirements the best. The size of machine depends on these factors

  • The product which you will be printing
  • The space available to you
  • Portability- in the sense that if it’s permanently fixed or requires to moved

Here, in this case, it’s true “the larger, the better,” as it would allow you to print on larger items such as towels or bed sheets and others but the other hand larger machines are tougher to move. Whereas if you had a restricted space and confined to print only smaller items, then a little machine would be a better choice for you, also they are easy to move.

Temperature Range:

It is one of the factors that decide your printing range i.e. what types of materials you can print on. If you are looking to work on various products, then you will require a machine with greater temperature range which can quickly adjust to the printing needs. Always be well informed and don’t get caught up with a single idea.


Well there are lots of heat transfer materials and media available for printing other than the sublimation prints which are more popular. So there are multiple choices available for you to select and also there are machines which are adaptable to materials and can provide quality prints.


When you are going to invest a hefty sum in your printing machine, and your business is going to be dependent on durability comes in question. Your machine should be capable of delivering a high volume of work and must not need frequent repairs and maintenance.

By now you have learned about the features of the great tee shirt printing machine so now take a look at some of the best t shirt printing machine available in 2017 and what do they offer.

Best t shirt printing machine 2017

Here are some of the machine for printing on t shirts and there features, pros & cons

Zeny Heat Press 12″ x 15″ Pro 6 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine – Professional t-shirt printing machine

Zeny Heat Press 6 in 1 Combo

Well if you are looking for a heat press machine that could be multipurpose then Zeny Heat Pro is tailored for you as it features heat press and mug press. It has a 12” X 15” Teflon coated platen press element which quite significant to design your T-shirt. As the name suggests it’s a 6 in 1 combo and comes packed with one Hat press, two Mug presses, two Plate presses, one Silicon pad and one cotton Pad with a Fully assembled machine with platen plates.

It has a selectable temperature scale in which you can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Also, it has an adjustable multi-spring balancer which allows pressure to be distributed more evenly across the platen when closed. The built-in structural support maintains flatness during operation. Its cradle is made from upgraded aluminum thus offering even heating and can be detached to use mug elements.

It offers wide temperature range in between 0 to 250 Centigrade and timer option from 0 to 999 seconds and can be easily adjusted depending on the thickness of the material on which you will work. This is a one of a kind devices and has favorite among its users.

Special Features

  • Selectable temperature scale between Fahrenheit and Centigrade
  • Adjustable multi-spring balance for even pressure distribution
  • Detachable cradle for mug elements and multiple attachments
  • Built-in structural support to maintain flatness while operation
  • Selectable temperature scale
  • Offers even heating
  • Lightweight
  • Removable cradle
  • Easy to use
  • Small plate size
  • Priced slightly higher


Digital Heat Press Machine, T-Shirts, Vinyl, Non-Stick Sheet (STARTER BUNDLE)

Digiital heat press machine starter bundle

Well if you are looking for a press which can be used right away when it is delivered then look for non-other than this machine. This t shirt making machine features Clamshell design and provides enough space to work on T-shirts and other fabric. The Clamshell design requires much smaller space as compared to other models thus can accommodate in small space and are much simpler to operate in the small workspace.

The entire machine is made of high-grade aluminum and features a high-density heating board which heats up pretty quickly. Overall the machine is solidly built and is quite stable as a steel frame has supported it. It comes with a replacement sheet, five transfer vinyl, and two cotton T-shirts for testing purpose. Also, it features a large LCD along with multiple predefined operation parameters.

This is one of the best products for a very reasonable price currently available in the market. The process is quite straightforward and easy, and you would have no problems setting the temperature and pressure. The one year warranty is assurance for customers for better quality.

Special Features:

  • Clamshell design for better workspace management
  • Sturdy and durable design for longer lifespan
  • Ready to use on arrival as its fully assembled
  • Quick heat up
  • Decent size
  • Durable
  • Digital control panel
  • No detachable cradle
  • Inconsistent timer


DG HEAT PRESS Digital Sublimation – Best affordable t-shirt printing Machine

DG HEAT PRESS Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press

If you are on a small budget, but still want a machine which would be easy to use and with better build quality then Fancierstudio DG15 is tailored for your needs. This machine is an industrial grade, heavy duty space saving Clamshell model which comes at a much affordable price. This beast is capable of transferring prints not only on fabric but also on wood, license plates, ceramic and many other materials without tampering them.

It features a large 15” X 15” element which is not -stick in nature and is Teflon coated to prevent scorching of transfer thus it does not require additional Silicon or Teflon sheets. It has a broad temperature range up to 500 Fahrenheit and also has an adjustable pressure setting for materials of different thickness. Also, it houses an alarm and timer system which work in pair to let you know that work has been completed.

It is delivered in fully assembled condition and is ready to use as soon as you unbox it. Heats up evenly and makes your imprinting work quite comfortable. You won’t be disappointed by its performance as it works like a charm.

Special Features:

  • Pre-installed Teflon Coated heat platen
  • Easy to open and close handle with spring assist
  • Electronic temperature and time controller
  • Large heating surface
  • Silicon gel based board
  • Full range loading pressure
  • Durable
  • Well priced
  • Pressure consistency
  • Minor alarm issues


Powerpress Digital Heat Press – Best Selling t-shirt printing Machine

Powerpress Digital Heat Press 15 x 15

If you are going to start a commercial business of customized T-shirts, then this must be your first choice as this machine offers the perfect blend of versatility, durability, and affordability. It is compact in design and does not require large space. Talking about versatility, this tool is ideal for imprints on fabric and also handles canvas, puzzles and many other things with much ease.

The 15” X 15” surface area of the element gives you plenty to work with much bigger projects Moreover the heat platen it is glued with an additional layer of silicon rubber base. It offers you a high-temperature range and can reach up to a maximum of 700 degrees Fahrenheit which is more than you usually require. The timer control has ranged from 0 to 999 seconds and is controlled electronically which makes it more precise. The overall build looks sturdy and should last for the decent amount of time.

Thanks to the high efficiency of the machine you can recover its cost with few weeks and sooner or later you may get addicted to printing on this machine as it’s so much easy to use. Given its performance and features, it should be quite expensive, but that’s not the case as it is lighter on your purse.

Special Features:

  • Electronically controlled timer and heater, precise control
  • Machine with highest temperature range available in this price range
  • Adjustable pressure and silicon-gel based board
  • Highly versatile
  • Larger size for imprinting
  • Best temperature range
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • A bit heavy
  • Initial smell


BestEquip Heat Press Machines

BestEquip Heat Press Machines

You might be wondering that why this small sized machine on our list but the reason is that little one packs quite a punch and can transfer pictures words or artworks on any material you throw at it. This machine features Swing-Away design and applies direct pressure from top thus making even contact and provides better quality prints.

It has a wide temperature range from 0 to 750 Fahrenheit along with variable pressure control thus enabling it to print on wood, metal, ceramics glass and much more. The timer can be varied anywhere between 0 to 999 seconds. It houses a Digital Control Panel from where you can set the temperature and time according to the material. The audible alarm helps to avoid overcooking of products.

This machine helps you design not only T-shirts but various other stuffs. The swing away design makes it much safer and reliable to work. And don’t get confused with its lower price tag it can do things which others simply cannot.

Special Features:

  • Wider temperature range enable it to print on any surface
  • Accurate setting of timer and heater because of Digital LCD control panel
  • Maintains even contact resulting better prints
  • Higher range of temperature
  • Digital LCD control
  • Highly versatile
  • Affordable
  • Small element size
  • Requires more space

Final verdict

When you are searching for the best head-printing, first try to find out your needs and what are the business demands which you can face, decide a decent budget which you can spend on the machine. Do not hesitate to spend some extra bucks to get a quality product.

With all being said I would love to say that any of the T-shirt printing machines on our list is more than sufficient to fulfill all your business needs, but I prefer Zeny Heat Press. Although its bit expensive compared to others still it provided me with other option to print leaving fabric aside. It performed pretty well, and it’s able to print huge loads continuously without compromising with print quality.

Although, if you want any lower priced machine there are lot’s of places offer used t shirt printing machine for sale and you can buy from them to start.