An Overview of the Cricut Maker

The introduction of Cricut’s new cutting machine, the Cricut Maker, was met with a huge wave of excitement throughout the crafting world. The enthusiasm was for a good reason. This machine has unprecedented cutting and designing capabilities. The following overview explains why this is such a special product and how it will expand your crafting world in new and exciting ways.

What Is the Cricut Maker?

Typically pronounced “cricket,” this is a machine that has revolutionized crafting. Cricut is a brand of cutting machines, and the Cricut Maker is the latest version which has taken this concept much further. The Cricut Maker still cuts shapes from paper, but now there are tools allowing it to cut through many different materials such as fabrics and even thin wood. While the original Cricut machines sold physical stencils that were purchased separately and loaded into the machine, the newest version is a smart machine, and templates are all provided in software form. The Cricut Maker does more than cut now too. It has tools for scoring paper to allow for perfect folds, as well as tools for marking fabric for sewing. It even has a Print and Cut feature now. The exciting crafting possibilities are endless with this multi-functional device.

Cricut Maker Uses



Scrapbooking has been one of the most popular uses of Cricut machines since the company’s inception. Cricut’s are even more desired for scrapbooking now that there are hundreds of designs available through software, as well as a way to upload your own designs. Scrapbooks are meant to be unique, which is where this machine excels. It can handle any type of paper from delicate to heavy cardstock. Scrapbooking is a breeze with the precision of the cutting technology. Besides shapes and lettering, you can also use it to make beautiful borders for your photos and pages. Not only are your pages more unique when you’re using your own machine, but it’s also more cost-efficient than buying pre-made cut out designs.

Card Making

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Everybody knows cards are special, but cards are even more special when you make them yourself. This machine takes card making to a new level. Gone are the awkward days of using scissors or razors to cut cardstock or buying expensive, pre-made decorations. With this tool, you can create precise lettering, shapes, and borders with the ease of pushing a button. Nothing is more personal than a custom-made card featuring your design. Besides cutting, you can also use this product to score cardstock in order to precisely fold paper to give cards a beautiful, professional finish.

Sewing Designs

This new Cricut model is a seamstress’s dream. It now has the ability to help you sew. A rotary blade tool provides the ability to cut fabric for the first time. It’s able to precisely cut through nearly any fabric, even denim. No more ragged edges when you cut patterns. Besides just cutting, there is a washable pen tool you can use to mark your pattern pieces to fit everything together perfectly. To top it off, there are hundreds of patterns available via a vast digital library. Just pick one and let the machine do the work.

Paper Crafts

There are so many paper crafts you can create with the Cricut Maker. From beautiful garlands and origami to flower bouquets, your imagination is the limit. You don’t have to rely on your imagination though. There are books and numerous sources on the internet dedicated to using Cricut machines for paper crafts. The new Cricut Maker can also write lettering with pen tools, which makes your projects more personalized and beautiful.

Cricut Maker Tools

cricut blades

One of the best features of this machine is it’s variety of tools. Just switch them out as needed to create your crafts. Keep in mind that the various tools need to be used with their specific housings to work properly.

Knife Blade

The knife blade is great for cutting thick materials that old versions could not handle. It resembles the blade of an X-Acto knife, allowing for precision, but with the strength to slice through 2.4mm of material. No more worrying about cutting yourself or trying to get smooth cuts by hand. This blade works on balsa wood, mat board, and even thick leather.

Fine Blades

Manufactured with high-quality carbine steel, these are precision blades that are also durable. The fine point blades make intricate cuts on light to medium weight materials. This is a good blade for paper, poster board, vinyl, and cardstock. The deep point blade has a steeper angle and more durable steel. It performs intricate cuts on thicker materials, including chipboard, magnet, foam, stiff felt, heavy cardstock, and cardboard.

Rotary Blade

The rotary blade is for cutting fabric. It’s able to handle almost any fabric, even denim. This is great for crafting with fabrics, as well as making patterns to sew. Say goodbye to ragged edges and jagged lines. This tool cuts fabric perfectly without backing material. This also works well with soft and delicate materials such as tissue and cork.

Scoring Wheels

The scoring tools create a crisp crease for perfect folds. The single scoring wheel is for lighter materials such as light cardstock, acetate, and crepe paper. The double scoring wheel handles heavier materials by creating two parallel score lines. It works well for materials such as cardboard and poster board.

Attachable Pens

The Cricut Maker is not just for cutting. With its pen attachments, it can also draw pictures and write lettering. It’s a matter of changing the machine’s setting from “cut” to “write.” The washable fabric pens are perfect for drawing patterns on fabric, while the fine-point and calligraphy pens are for card making, scrapbooking, invitations, and any other project in which you would like to have precise, beautiful lettering.

Cricut Technology

design space platform

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The Cricut Maker is a smart device with a lot of tech features. Creativity and technology fuse for an exciting and beautiful crafting experience due to a number of innovative features.

Design Software

Thanks to software, gone are the days of limited design options. DesignSpace provides the foundation. Simply install it on your iOS, Mac, Android, or Windows device. It’s easy to learn and includes projects, images, and fonts. It works with a range of devices from computers to tablets and iPhones. There are some instructional videos online to assist, and Cricut has a great help interface. It comes with advanced features such as Print Then Cut, SnapMat, and Offline Mode. You can even upload your personal designs. You can use your own standard-file fonts and images for free.

Sewing Patterns

sewing design

Imagine how special a baby outfit or toy is when you’ve made it yourself? One of the coolest new features of the Cricut Maker is its voluminous sewing patterns library. Cricut’s digital library allows you to find the perfect pattern with ease and efficiency, then transfer it to your fabric. There are hundreds of patterns from well-known brands such as Riley Blake and Simplicity. You’ll never run out of sewing projects with this convenient sewing tool. Some examples of projects include decorative pillows, adorable stuffed animals, baby shoes, zipper pouches, doll clothes, aprons, bags, oven mitts, and much more. Then, the machine precisely cuts your fabrics as well with its new rotary tool.

Hardware Features

The physical Cricut Maker itself has some tech features. The top of the machine has a docking slot so you can sit your tablet or smartphone there while you work on designs. There’s even a USB port on the side of the machine to keep your device charged for seamless, uninterrupted designing.

Cutting Technology

Cricut didn’t forget to integrate tech into the machine’s ability to cut. It features an Adaptive Tool System that automatically changes blade direction and cutting pressure based on your material. At 4,000 grams of pressure, it has 10 times the previous cutting power to handle a wide range of materials. Only the Cricut Maker has this advanced technology, and it’s well worth the additional cost.

Final Thoughts

At around $400, the Cricut Maker is pricier than the company’s other models, but its advanced features make the price well worth it. While it has all the crafting abilities of former models, it has some new features that will open up your crafting world and imagination. These key additions include 10 times the cutting power to vastly increase the number of materials that can be cut. There are now rotary blades for fabrics and a knife blade for thicker materials like cardboard and leather. There’s a new scoring wheel tools for sharp folds even in thick materials the previous stylus tool could not handle. There is no longer an open button, there is now a dock for smart devises and a USB port. Finally, storage is better with two tool cups and a larger, deeper tool drawer. As long as you take care of your Cricut, you’re ready to tackle any project. Overall, this is a premier cutting, sewing, and crafting device and an absolute necessity for anyone with a creative streak and active imagination.

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