Come Sail Away: Explore And Learn Cricut Tutorials And Videos

Congratulations on being the proud new owner of a Cricut, what? Even if you’re an expert in cutting and embossing, you might feel a bit confused when learning a new Cricut device. There’s an entire world of knowledge to explore, and without a proper tour guide, you might get lost in the sea of features included in each device.

Don’t worry that you can’t catch up to your friends who have been using Cricut for years. With the right Cricut tutorials in your back pocket, you’ll be the one they come to for advice when you show off your skills.

What to Learn Before Watching Cricut Tutorials

Instead of leaping directly into tutorial videos, you first want to learn everything you can about your new Cricut machine. Simply put, there are few crafting projects you won’t be able to do when you get your hands on a Cricut. This is one of those brands everyone and their mother has if they need to put together cards, scrapbooks, or more complicated crafting projects.

If you have an existing design in mind, or if you want to create something from scratch, you can do both with a Cricut. It doesn’t matter what kind of project you are thinking of, because the odds are that a Cricut can make it happen.

Sewing, wooden signs, day planner vinyl stickers, monogrammed sweaters, and a plethora of other projects are just some of the tasks you can tackle when you purchase a Cricut. If you’re planning on opening an Etsy shop in the future, a Cricut is one of the best investments you can make into your business.

Uploading Your Images to a Cricut Machine

If you already have something picked out to work on, you can upload that image directly to the Cricut machine with the included software. The best file extension to look for is .SVG. Not only are they directly compatible with all Cricut software, but they’re some of the highest resolution images you can find.

Unlike other file extensions, you won’t run the risk of turning your creation into a pixelated, blurry mess once you get the image uploaded. The file uses mathematical formulas to create images of the highest quality. You can find a number of libraries online to borrow SVG files for your own personal use.

If you plan on selling anything you create with an SVG image, make sure you check into the ownership of the original creation. Without a fair use license, you could be subject to copyright rules.

Using Different Materials with Cricut Machines

Any Cricut tutorials you watch should tell you how to work with the many different fabrics and textures you can feed into the machine. Although you might normally associate them with something simple like vinyl, there are so many more possibilities. The Cricut Explore Air 2 alone is compatible with over 60 different kinds of material.

It doesn’t matter if you have chipboard, aluminum, or the kind of vinyl you would use for magnetics. If you have a thicker material for crafting, you should check into deeper-cutting blades. They are optional upgrades for several Cricut machines, but they’re worth it if you plan on exploring all your options.

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If you invest in the Cricut Maker, you’ll find over 100 different kinds of material to work with when making projects. Furthermore, it has more than 100 times the penetration of the Explore Air 2. The secret is its specialty in working with fabric. The rotary blade is perfect if you’re a seaming expert who needs more time.

With a Cricut in your hands, you’ll reduce the amount of time you have to devote to one project. Cutting that used to take hours will now measure in minutes, and potentially more dollars for you if you’ve got a high turnaround.

Choosing a Project to Make with Cricut

It can feel overwhelming when you think of how many options are available to you with a Cricut machine. With all of the versatility inside the device, you might feel like you’ll never find the time to fully explore its features.

The best thing to do is focus on one project at a time. If there’s no pressure from paying clients or family members, all you have to worry about is your own imagination. Thanks to Pinterest and other sites, you can narrow down the scope of what you want to do to a specific niche.

If you’re into darker themes, consider following a bunch of Halloween-related pages to find the inspiration you need. Are you designing for younger children? Check out some parent-related tutorials from other people who own Cricut devices.

A blank slate can be a blessing or a curse depending on how your mind operates. There are plenty of options on blogs and social media, not just for Cricut tutorials but projects as well. If you need, you can print out ideas to tack to your studio space.

Learning the Ins and Outs of Cricut Tutorials

If you’re a beginner, look into videos specifically tailored for those just starting out with a Cricut machine. You’ll be equal parts amazed and confused at the amount of options available to you once you bring home a Cricut device. The best thing to do is take a breath and start at the beginning.

Cricut includes Design Space as part of its software library in certain machines. There’s a free version available from their website, which you can use before you even purchase a machine. This is a great option if you are considering investing in Cricut but want to test the waters first.

Find a video that runs you through the basics of Design Space before you even own a Cricut machine. You’ll get a jump start on your lessons, and you might even find one specific area of the software you want to use as a specialty.

Getting Extra Supplies for Your Cricut Device

In the beginning, you might finally conquer the software, but you begin to wonder what else you’ll need to go with a Cricut machine. Thankfully, Cricut has an official YouTube channel that gives you the answer to this.

In short, you’ll be fine with your usual stash of art supplies from everything you’ve done in the past. Make sure that you’re all stocked up and ready to go before you start on something new. Your time is better spent learning the ins and outs of a Cricut machine as opposed to running back to Michael’s for more vinyl.

Learning Other Essentials with Cricut Tutorials Video

If you bought a Cricut machine, you’re going to have access to many new tools. You’ll need to care for these just as much as you end up using them.

One of the most important parts of your new purchase is the cutting mat. You’ll be using this to make sure you get the proper cut on any of the material you feed into the Cricut device.

If you don’t properly care for the mat, it will suffer through the crafting process more than it will benefit you. Ensure that you always perform a test cut before you properly begin a project. This will save you time, money, and potential cursing at your machine.

You can also wipe down the blades on your cutter. Don’t use anything alcohol-based as this will strip the essential elements on it and cause it to degrade. It promotes a cleaner cut and gives you an increased lifespan for each blade.

Each mat has a different grip level, depending on which you decide to get with your machine. They are available through Cricut’s official website as well as Amazon. They differ in their effectiveness relative to the kind of material you’re using with your project.

Finding Your Own Niche with Cricut Tutorials

No matter how many Cricut tutorials you view, you’ll always find something new to explore with a cutting machine. There’s no end to the possibilities of these machines, especially as you continue to hone your craft and evolve as an artist.

You might find yourself creating your own tutorial videos one day, hoping to help someone who was in a similar position as you when you first bought the machine. Take all of the experience you went through as a new user and channel that into your tutorials.

There is never any one simple answer to “How do I use a Cricut machine?” That question needs to be specified with years of experience, type of crafting material, and personal artistic preferences. What you can find is a simple launching pad that will help you grasp the fundamentals and nudge you forward as a creator.

Once you get through the number of Cricut tutorials you need to feel comfortable, you’ll understand all the parts of the machine much better. Even if it was just focused on the software or how to properly align your blades, don’t underestimate the potential benefits of sitting through tutorials.

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