Brother ScanNCut 2 Review

Are you an artist who is tired of cutting out their designs and sketches by hand? The Brother ScanNCut 2 offers the perfect solution for all of the cutouts that you desire to create.

This product is a versatile cutting machine that provides an exceptional upgrade over its first version. In this review we will cover everything you need to know about this powerful scanner and cutter.

What is the Brother ScanNCut 2? How Does It Work?

 Brother ScanNCut 2 Review

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The Brother ScanNCut 2 is both a scanner and cutter. It allows artist to scan and cut a variety of materials including fabric.

A user inputs their hand drawn picture, uploads an SVG file, or inserts a piece of fabric. Based on the settings the user provides, the machine will cut out specific outlines from the inserted material.


The ScanNCut 2 is the perfect solution for general folks interested in DIY projects. The specific details of the machine are as follows

  • 4.85-inch non-glare touchscreen LCD
  • 11.7-inch scanning area
  • 11.7-inch cutting area
  • 300 DPI scanner can scan 12” x 12”
  • Color scanning recognition
  • SVG file readability and import settings
  • Built-in alphabet fonts
  • Wireless

How it works

This scanner and cutter in one tool is quite easy to use. Users place their materials onto the scanning mat of the machine.

Once the materials to be scanned are in place, the user can select a variety of options to specify how the material should be cut. The user has access to the following features:

  • On-screen editor
  • Background Scan
  • Welding
  • Auto Layout

Each feature allows the user to specify what the end cut result will look like. For instance, the welding setting

On-Screen Editor

The On-screen editor is the primary way the user interacts with this scan and cut machine. Users can weld, rotate, and resize their graphics into custom build cut or draw files. Each of these functions can be complete without the use of a computer!

Background Scan

This printer is an excellent product because of the way in which it scans the user’s designs. The printer will do most of the work in setting up a canvas that adheres to the borders of the material you scan.

This helps artists immensely as they no longer have to measure out their own canvas to configure for the machine, this process happens automatically. This works because the 300 DPI built-in-scanner is able to accurately scan designs with high pixel densities.


The welding tools allow the user to select a design from a pre-built gallery of images, or from cuts that they have scanned themselves.

Once the user selects a design, they can use the welding feature to combine shapes, fonts, and drawings into one pattern. This speed up the process of pattern creation for artists, and once again does not require the use of a computer.

Auto Layout

The auto layout feature allows users to see where specific cuts and designs will be placed on their material. Auto layout takes into account the size of the material the user uses, so that the user can save as much material as possible.

What Makes Brother ScanNCut 2 Unique?

The Brother ScanNCut 2 claims to be one of the only machines on the market where a user can scan, print, and edit all on one platform. The power of this machine rests in its excellent 300 DPI scanner, and the ability for novice users to easily edit their images.


The 300 DPI scanner is not the only factor that makes this product unique. The following features also add to this machine’s uniqueness:

  • Fabric Cut
  • Direct Cut
  • Sewing Guidelines

Fabric Cut

First and foremost, the ability for a user to insert a piece of fabric, and have it accurately cut is a major factor that makes this scanner and printer combo unique.

The ScanNCut 2 allows users to make seam allowances once their fabric has been scanned. These seam allowances provide specific sewing guidelines that make sewing the cut fabric much easier.

Direct Cut

The primary selling point of this product is that it can take any design pattern that you give it, and completely scan the unique shapes that make up the design. Providing users cutouts of each design element in their scanning material is not something many scanners actually do.

Further, the fact that this scanner provides an interface for users to manipulate their scanned designs sets this device apart from other scanners on the market.

Sewing Guidelines

One of the last unique factors of this scanner and printer combination, is that it can provide detailed sewing guidelines to the user. This is a great usability feature that makes this all-in one solution for scanning and cutting more viable.


[amazon box=”B014EE7UZ0″]

If you are interested in purchasing the Brother ScanNCut 2, you can purchase it from a variety of online retailers.

You can purchase this scanner at the following outlets:

  • Michaels
  • Amazon


This product can be purchased online from Michaels for $299.99. It is not available in stores and is only available online. The item is ground ship only, and cannot be delivered to Alaska or Hawaii.

Included in the box are the following items:

  • CM350 Scan Machine
  • 1 standard cut blade
  • 1 standard 12-inch x 12-inch mat
  • 1 standard 12-inch x 12-inch mat
  • Spatula
  • Spatula
  • Accessory Pouch
  • Manual and reference guide


On Amazon, the Brother ScanNCut 2 can be purchased in a package that also provides additional accessories. It costs $264.90.

The additional items included in the purchase of this package from Amazon are the following:

  • QuickStik tool
  • Spatula

When purchased from Amazon, this product has free shipping.

Public Reception

This product has a generally positive reception online. For instance, on Amazon this product has received a 4 out of 5-star rating. We will provide you with some positive critique and negative critiques folks who purchased this product have.

Positive Critiques

Many teachers enjoy this product because it allows them to easily create crafts and cutouts for their class to use. Ease of use, the auto layout option, and the simplicity of the ScanNCut 2’s interface make it a well received product.

Another person that purchased this project mentioned that they enjoy how easy the scanner and cutter is to use for embroidery projects. The ability to cut applique shapes for their embroidery made this tool an easy purchase over competitors.

Negative Critiques

One negative review notes that the scanner can have issues picking up certain designs patterns from designs that are scanned. This forced the user to get the device repaired, in which they did not have an enjoyable experience from customer service.

We don’t believe this experience is the typical experience, but we want customers to know that sometimes products are not perfect. Thankfully, if you purchase this device from a website like Amazon, they offer free returns.

How it Compares

The Brother ScanNCut 2 scanner and cutter is not the only product on the market that can do what it does. There are other products that exist that we think you should be aware of.

We will provide you with a few different products that perform similarly.

Brother ScanNCut 1 vs. Brother ScanNCut 2

The Brother ScanNCut 1 is the first version of the ScanNCut series. This was the first product introduced on the market that features both a scanner and a cutter for the user to use.

Included in the Brother ScanNCut 1 is a touch screen display that allows for the same form of editing that the second version can do. This makes the machine independent from a computer, allowing the user to edit designs directly on the interface.

Compared to the Brother ScanNCut2, there are two main differences the first version has. First the touch screen size on the second version is 30% larger than the screen on the first version. Lastly, the second version has wireless capabilities while the first version only has wired capabilities.

One of the final distances is that the software for detecting patterns and designs has been improved in the second version of the Brother ScanNCut series.

Currently, the Brother ScanNCut 1 is more expensive on Amazon costing around $349.99. Unless you can find this product on a deep discount, we think the Brother ScanNCut 2 will suit your needs better than the Brother ScanNCut 1.

Silhouette Cameo 3 vs. Brother ScanNCut 2

The Silhouette Cameo 3 is a powerful DIY machine that can cut a variety of designs, materials and fabrics. It is similar to the Brother ScanNCut2 in that it can automatically detect the outlines of the designs you want to cut out.

The main difference is the quality with which the Silhouette Cameo 3 cuts designs out of materials. The Silhouette Cameo 3 uses proprietary technology, called the Silhouette AutoBlade. This auto blade adjusts how it cuts depending on the type of material being used. You won’t have to worry about improper cuts as this machine will take care of that for you!

A major difference the Silhouette has from the Brother ScanNCut, is that it does not actually have a scanner. This device also does not have a touchscreen that allows for simple editing. This means the user will have to precisely measure their materials, and have their design finalized.

At the end of the day the Silhouette Cameo 3 will be an excellent choice for folks who are confident in the design and markup of the material they want to cut. However, we think novices and folks who want a second chance to edit their cutouts will appreciate the Brother ScanNCut2.

Currently, the Silhouette Cameo 3 is relatively affordable costing $195.99 on Amazon. This price is significantly cheaper than the Brother ScanNCut 2, so take that into consideration if you have an interest in both products.

What We Think

brother scanncut 2

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We think the Brother ScanNCut 2 is a user-friendly scan and cut machine. One of the most important features included in this product is a touch sensitive screen that allows users to edit their designs in real time.

Having a tool to edit designs before a cut is invaluable. With the myriad of events people have going on in their lives, it is easy to make a measurement error. The editing tool is a perfect addition to catch these mistakes before a user’s materials are altered.

In addition, the wireless capabilities of this device make it well worth the purchase. You don’t have to worry about wires and cords getting in the way of your workspace while scanning and cutting your materials.

DIY enthusiasts will enjoy how straightforward this product is, and they will enjoy how precisely it cuts their materials.

Coupons and Deals

Depending on where you purchase the Brother ScanNCut 2, you may be able to snag a deal. For instance, Amazon usually has sales around holidays. They can take off around 5% to 10% of the total cost of a product.

There is also free two-day shipping that you can take advantage of if you are a member of Amazon Prime. Purchasing the scanner cutter combo this way would ensure you get it ASAP.

Best Buy is currently selling this product for $50.00 off with a total price tag of $250.99. Best Buy also has a financing program that customers can take advantage of. For instance, with decent credit you could pay $48.84 for 6 months.

The Brother ScanNCut 2 is an Excellent Cutter for DIY Enthusiasts

The user-friendly nature of the Brother ScanNCut 2 makes it an easy product to recommend for folks who are interested in DIY. With this scanner and cutter, you can easily cut out designs on fabric, vinyl, cardboard, or regular paper.

The user interface of the Brother ScanNCut 2 is simple and straightforward. Users should have no problem scanning their materials, then cutting their materials with this product.

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