Simple T shirt marketing ideas that can boost your t-shirt business

t shirt marketing ideas

Starting a T-shirt business is one tough thing but running its successfully requires something extra from you. If you have taken the first step and carved your ideas into a business, then we will help you to keep it growing. At times even if you do everything in a well-planned manner still you don’t get … Read more

Heat Press Machine Brands

Heat Press Machine Brands

Many companies around the world are involved in manufacturing and processing of heat press machines, thanks to their popularity for making designs and branding of T-shirts, mugs, caps and other products much easier. These machines come in all types: the swing-away heat press; clamshell-designed heat press; and the draw heat press machine. All heat press … Read more

How to Heat Press a Mug – A Step-by-Step Guideline

How to Heat Press a Mug

There are many reasons why you would want to design your own mugs. With the correct sublimation paper and a mug heat press machine, you can design any mug, water bottle, or travel mug that you’d like with virtually anything you can think of. Check out our Step-by-Step Guideline about How to Heat Press a … Read more

How To Heat Press a T-shirt – A step-by-step process

How To Heat Press a T-shirt

Whether you want to put your favorite player’s name and number at the back of your jersey or you are a design enthusiast, heat transfer stands out as a modern, effortless, and flexible method of printing your artwork onto T-shirts. If you want to know How To Heat Press a T-shirt then you can read our … Read more

How To Heat Press Vinyl To Create A Perfect Design

How To Heat Press Vinyl To Create A Perfect Design

Do you admire those smooth, beautiful designs on t-shirts, bags, or jumpers? There are different ways of designing a t-shirt like designing with a printing machine, embroidery machine or vinyl printing etc. Well, this guide will show you how to heat press vinyl with seven easy steps. 1. Which is the best heat transfer material? Any … Read more

How to use heat press vinyl

how to use heat press vinyl

Heat press vinyl is a great way to get creative with your t-shirts and other garments. To get a perfect print, you need to pay attention to the heat press and the transfers. You should know about how to use heat press vinyl and create a perfect looking design. This ensures that you direct the … Read more

Transfer Printing: How Does It Work?

What is Heat transfer printing

In case you are planning to enter into transfer printing business and are genuinely interested to know about the most used printing technique in the industry, then you are a perfect spot at the right time. Today we are going to discuss the heat transfer (heat) printing and try to understand their working mechanism, nature, … Read more

Types of Heat Press Machines and Comparison

Types of Heat Press Machines

You are here because either you have decided to enter into the printing business and are currently looking out for your very first heat press or you are looking to replace your old heat press. Whatever may be the case it’s quite confusing that whether to go for the Clamshell type or the Swing away … Read more

How to Use a Heat Press

how to use a heat press machine

Knowing how to use a heat press is a very rewarding experience. This is because doing so allows the user to make customized items and operate a business with guaranteed income. But since the machine is designed to heat up to accomplish its purpose, those who are planning to use or buy the heat press … Read more

What is Heat a Press Machine?

What is heat press machine

What is A heat press machine? It enabled by pressure and heat. Using heat press machine allows you for imprinting different designs of your preference on a surface such as mugs or T-shirts. The machine requires a lot of heat production and higher amount of pressure within a specific period of time that is set … Read more