What Is Sublimation Paper: Comprehensive Guide

Woman wearing gray shirt produced by sublimation paper

Personalizing your garments, designing logos, images and text for your T-shirts, or printing fabrics for interior design, can be fun, but also challenging. With various options for heat printing on the market, you may ask yourself what is sublimation paper, and is there a difference to heat transfer paper? The simple answer is, yes. They … Read more

Come Sail Away: Explore And Learn Cricut Tutorials And Videos

product photo of Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint

Congratulations on being the proud new owner of a Cricut machine…now, what? Even if you’re an expert in cutting and embossing, you might feel a bit confused when learning a new Cricut device. There’s an entire world of knowledge to explore, and without a proper tour guide, you might get lost in the sea of … Read more

Custom T-Shirts – Plan And Design Your Own!

a guy looking at his tshirt

Even though t shirts are easy to find, and you can get many existing designs, there’s something incredibly appealing about getting your own shirt made. You can get these made in a physical store or purchase them online. Quick Navigation Planning a Custom T Shirt DesignChoosing a Color SchemeFinalizing the DesignCreating a Digital ImageHow to … Read more

Learning How to Make Vinyl Decals: Exercise in Art & Crafting


Quick Navigation Kicking Against the Clicks: How to Make Vinyl DecalsWhat’s So Cool about Learning How to Make Vinyl Decals?What Do I Need to Learn How to Make Vinyl Decals? How to Make Vinyl Decals, Step by StepDesign Preparation and PrintingApplying the Vinyl LaminateCutting the Complete DecalsMastering How to Make Vinyl Decals Kicking Against the … Read more

What is Vinyl : An Ultimate Guide to Craft Vinyl Types and Uses

Roll of vinyl

Quick Navigation What Is Vinyl Used for, and What Kinds Are There?Heat Transfer VinylKINDS OF HEAT TRANSFER VINYLAdhesive Vinyl What is vinyl? The word conjures up different images for different people. In the first half of the 1900’s, vinyl was used to produce millions of record albums, which were played over and over again, their … Read more

20 Fun Things You Can Do With A Silhouette Portrait Cutter

paper crafts

Crafters and do-it yourselfers everywhere threw their arms up in celebration when the Silhouette Company released their new Portrait model. The Portrait craft-cutting machine is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. You can download designs online or create your own unique art with the Silhouette Studio. The Silhouette Portrait will draw shapes and cut paper, … Read more

Different T-Shirt Printing Methods

t-shirt printing methods

There are different t-shirt printing methods and all of them have some positive as well as negative drawbacks. Whether you are looking to enter into the t-shirt printing industry or up-scaling your business, you need to select a printing technique that can help your business flourish. Today a lot of printing options are available at your disposal … Read more