How to Decorate Hats with a Heat Press

A heat press is a specifically designed device used to apply graphics to the front of hats, t-shirts, Mugs etc. Today we are going to talk about how to decorate hats with a Heat Press machine. It’s an easy process once you get the hang of it and there are multiple reasons why you would want to do this. Perhaps you own your own company and would like to make hats for your employees or for your customers to help promote your business. Or you can even create a business making these hats for all your friends and family, and even others. There are some things to consider when investing in a heat press to decorate hats and let’s look at those.

What Types of Hats Do You Want to Decorate?

There are standard baseball caps that a lot of people wear and that are easy to get wholesale if you need to decorate a lot of hats. However, there are also beanies, military-style caps, and baseball caps that have either a hard or soft top to them (depending on the style you are looking to achieve.) You can vary up the choices that your customers have, if you are starting your own business designing hats using a heat press, or you can create a unique look for your business if you are making hats for your company or organization.

  • Look for wholesale companies that sell multiple types of hats so that you can get every type and color of hat you want at one place. If you place a large enough order, even of different items, you may get a bulk discount.
  • Even if you want to help promote one business, have multiple types and colors of hats to do so, still staying within the theme of your overall business. That way someone doesn’t have to wear a hat that they feel uncomfortable wearing just because it’s the only design. You’ll have more luck getting them to wear something promoting your business if they like the way it looks.

What Types of Designs Do You Want to Create?

There are premade designs that have a backing on them and all you must do is place them in position and use the heat press to fix it into place. However, you can also use several design elements, such as letters, designs, and even rhinestones, to create something unique that can be a signature design of your business, whether it is your hat design company or your business you are creating the hats for.

  • Try adding words, and then a design element that matches with it.
  • You can always use thermal tape to hold the design elements in place to see how the hat will look with everything on it before actually using the heat press to make things permanent.

Should You Have Several Sized Platens?

It is always a good idea to have several sized platens and here’s why:

  • You need to have a smooth and completely supported surface for the heat press to press down onto.
  • If there are any gaps between the platen and the inside of the front of the hat, you will get wrinkles once the heat press has done what it’s supposed to, and it can also make the design element you’ve tried to place look off, or it can make it move off-center.

Other Things to Consider:

  • Always remember to preheat your hat (with the correctly fitted platen) before placing and then heating any elements to it.
  • Always remember to place a piece of craft paper between the heat press and the hat to keep both the machine and the hat clean, and to prevent any sticking if the design element has an adhesive backing or if you used thermal tape to keep it in place.
  • Use thermal tape, if necessary, to hold the design element in place so that it doesn’t move when you place the heat press down.

Final Verdict:

Heat presses are a great way to decorate hats and come up with unique designs. Even if you don’t come up with your own business designing and selling hats, or you aren’t creating hats to promote your own business, you can still create awesome hats to give out to friends and family to help them express their own unique personalities, or you can even donate your services to local non-profits and other organizations like schools to help with fundraisers and sports events.

You can go for the best multifunction heat press machine for designing and creating hats this way. This is really fun and easy, and if you are smart about it, it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Express yourself with fun hats and design your own, don’t buy one off the shelf!

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